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Kaskaskia, Aug. 22, 1820

Dear Pa:

Just one month ago your letter was dated which I received this evening together with Helen's first. In a letter I had written and put in the office before I received hers, I scold her rather smartly for not writing. You mention in your letter that Mr. Hodge and Dr. Nelson start for this country in September next. Is it my old friend Hodges the Lawyer. Well now the object of my writing this time is to enquire if it is not possible that either of these gentlemen will receive a draft on me payable at sight in land office money for $50 and advance you the amount. For only the difficulty of procuring nmoney that will pass current with you, is so great that I almost despair of attaining it, under some time at least. Don't mention to them that eastern funds are at a premium. I wish to send it as much as you wish to receive it. Be assured I will pay every cent of it, and in time try to pay Emott. We have a great deal of money due us, but the hard times prevent us from collecting, -- say $3000 owing us, -- or more. Our sickly season commenced in the last of July, rather earlier than usual. Our business at present is pretty good, say from 10 to 30 Dolls per day. My health still continues good and Sidney is very healthy. Advise Hodges to come to this place first. We will be in our new shop in about 3 weeks & next spring add about $1000 to our present stock, which is getting rather low.

Remember me affectionately to Ma, the girls and boys, and rest assured my attachment to my paternal roof and its inhabitants is not dimonished

Affectionately yours,

Chas. P. Livingston.

P.S. the letters I wrote the girls are all postage paid.

Henry Livingston, Esquire,
Po'keepsie, Dutchess Co.,
New York.


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