Arthur Breese
Henry Livingston, Jr.

New York Public Library
Gilbert Livingston Collection

My D friend & Father

Yours of the 10th Inst. was rec'd this morn'g. We are happy to hear that you are in fine health. we also are all well & enjoy ourselves much in Locust Grove. My garden is fine & every thing is beautiful around us. We are xx in the xx xx of birds. Our farms have the appearance & x plenty, except apples. The catterpillars has destroyed our fruits.

The lot near Glens Falls which I have the care of is lot letter E. In 23 d allot No 3. 161 acres. xx patent part of the lot is on east side of the Socondoga river xx the river passes thro' the lot. I have been on it seems well timbered, bout four or five miles I think from the falls, perhaps more if I mistake not this in the Town of Northumber xx I went to Saratoga Springs but not to the Falls. Kept this side of the river. One of the xx is under xx I can sell only 2/3 of the lot about 107 acres which I will sell for $200. Cash, or one year on Int. I should like to know very soon as I am giving up my xx xx trying to sell something to xx myself. I have no doubt the Northern Canal will bring those lands into market. When you decide let me know xx. There will be no difficulty in getting the xx xx xx But having 2/3 undivided. You can xx as well nearly as if xx xx the whole. The lots appeared hilly rather sandy. Give our love to Mama, Sisters, xx. dxxxx Miss W. W. & Mr. O are to be married. Mr. Griswold goes in a few days to the Sault St. Maries xx remains xx spring. xx xx continue at the xx. Susan returns home. We don't expect Sid this summer.

Your affectionate
A. Breese
Utica June 13. 1822


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