HenryPlus, On a ROBIN's being taken (robin)
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American Magazine Oct 1788, written 20 Oct 1788, no pseudonym

On sportive pinions once I flew , AA-N S-P-AO-R-T-IH-V P-IH-N-Y-AH-N-Z W-AH-N-S AY F-L-UW And rang'd the meadows round ; AH-N-D R-EY-N-JH-D DH-AH M-EH-D-OW-Z R-AW-N-D For me the peach and cherry grew , F-AO-R M-IY DH-AH P-IY-CH AH-N-D CH-EH-R-IY G-R-UW No want , nor grief I found . N-OW W-AA-N-T N-AO-R G-R-IY-F AY F-AW-N-D But short the date of pleasure is , B-AH-T SH-AO-R-T DH-AH D-EY-T AH-V P-L-EH-ZH-ER IH-Z While sorrows long prevail . W-AY-L S-AA-R-OW-Z L-AO-NG P-R-IH-V-EY-L Gone is the flattering scene of bliss -- G-AO-N IH-Z DH-AH F-L-AE-T-ER-IH-NG S-IY-N AH-V B-L-IH-S Ah , hear my plaintive tale ! AA HH-IY-R M-AY P-L-EY-N-T-IH-V T-EY-L The fowler came with fatal art , DH-AH F-AW-L-ER K-EY-M W-IH-DH F-EY-T-AH-L AA-R-T No friendly hand was nigh , N-OW F-R-EH-N-D-L-IY HH-AE-N-D W-AA-Z N-AY He pierc'd my bleeding lover's heart , HH-IY P-IH-R-S-T M-AY B-L-IY-D-IH-NG L-AH-V-ER-Z HH-AA-R-T I saw him fall and die ! AY S-AO HH-IH-M F-AO-L AH-N-D D-AY Deep in the bosom of a wood D-IY-P IH-N DH-AH B-UH-Z-AH-M AH-V AH W-UH-D I rear'd my chirping young ; AY R-IH-R-D M-AY CH-ER-P-IH-NG Y-AH-NG For them I sought the sweetest food , F-AO-R DH-EH-M AY S-AO-T DH-AH S-W-IY-T-AH-S-T F-UW-D For them serenely sung . F-AO-R DH-EH-M S-ER-IY-N-AH-L-IY S-AH-NG A school boy saw the downy nest AH S-K-UW-L B-OY S-AO DH-AH D-AW-N-IY N-EH-S-T Where all my treasure lay ; W-EH-R AO-L M-AY T-R-EH-ZH-ER L-EY No pity touch'd his harden'd breast , N-OW P-IH-T-IY T-AH-CH-T HH-IH-Z HH-AA-R-D-AH-N-D B-R-EH-S-T He stole my young away . HH-IY S-T-OW-L M-AY Y-AH-NG AH-W-EY Of love and pleasure thus bereft AH-V L-AH-V AH-N-D P-L-EH-ZH-ER DH-AH-S B-ER-EH-F-T What can the wretched do ? W-AH-T K-AE-N DH-AH R-EH-CH-IH-D D-UW What other refuge now is left ? W-AH-T AH-DH-ER R-EH-F-Y-UW-JH N-AW IH-Z L-EH-F-T For help I fly to you . F-AO-R HH-EH-L-P AY F-L-AY T-UW Y-UW To you whose tender bosom knows T-UW Y-UW HH-UW-Z T-EH-N-D-ER B-UH-Z-AH-M N-OW-Z To feel for others' pain ; T-UW F-IY-L F-AO-R AH-DH-ER-Z P-EY-N To whom the wretched tell their woes T-UW HH-UW-M DH-AH R-EH-CH-IH-D T-EH-L DH-EH-R W-OW-Z Nor ever tell in vain . N-AO-R EH-V-ER T-EH-L IH-N V-EY-N By thy kind care and bounty fed B-AY DH-AY K-AY-N-D K-EH-R AH-N-D B-AW-N-T-IY F-EH-D My griefs will lose their sting ; M-AY G-R-IY-F-Z W-IH-L L-UW-Z DH-EH-R S-T-IH-NG Again I'll raise my drooping head , AH-G-EH-N AY-L R-EY-Z M-AY D-R-UW-P-IH-NG HH-EH-D And plume my shatter'd wing . AH-N-D P-L-UW-M M-AY SH-AE-T-ER-D W-IH-NG Again I'll hail the rising day , AH-G-EH-N AY-L HH-EY-L DH-AH R-AY-Z-IH-NG D-EY While pleasures round me throng ; W-AY-L P-L-EH-ZH-ER-Z R-AW-N-D M-IY TH-R-AO-NG And raise my sweetest notes , to pay AH-N-D R-EY-Z M-AY S-W-IY-T-AH-S-T N-OW-T-S T-UW P-EY Thy bounties with my song . DH-AY B-AW-N-T-IY-Z W-IH-DH M-AY S-AO-NG