HenryPlus, The Carrier's New-Year's Address (ca1811)
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PJ 1 Jan 1811

My country kind patrons , my country's a theme , M-AY K-AH-N-T-R-IY K-AY-N-D P-EY-T-R-AH-N-Z M-AY K-AH-N-T-R-IY-Z AH TH-IY-M On which I can prattle , and scribble , and dream , AA-N W-IH-CH AY K-AE-N P-R-AE-T-AH-L AH-N-D S-K-R-IH-B-AH-L AH-N-D D-R-IY-M In rapture forever -- Hail land of my birth ! IH-N R-AE-P-CH-ER F-ER-EH-V-ER HH-EY-L L-AE-N-D AH-V M-AY B-ER-TH The far happiest portion of this lovely earth ; DH-AH F-AA-R HH-AE-P-IY-AH-S-T P-AO-R-SH-AH-N AH-V DH-IH-S L-AH-V-L-IY ER-TH A grace and a majesty marks every feature AH G-R-EY-S AH-N-D AH M-AE-JH-AH-S-T-IY M-AA-R-K-S EH-V-ER-IY F-IY-CH-ER And stamps Thee the fav'rite and darling of nature . AH-N-D S-T-AE-M-P-S DH-IY DH-AH F-EY-V-R-IH-T AH-N-D D-AA-R-L-IH-NG AH-V N-EY-CH-ER No despot of Europe shall mar thy fair face , N-OW D-EH-S-P-AH-T AH-V Y-UH-R-AH-P SH-AE-L M-AA-R DH-AY F-EH-R F-EY-S Thy heroes can never endure the disgrace ; DH-AY HH-IH-R-OW-Z K-AE-N N-EH-V-ER EH-N-D-Y-UH-R DH-AH D-IH-S-G-R-EY-S Those heroes who once chas'd thy foes to the main , DH-OW-Z HH-IH-R-OW-Z HH-UW W-AH-N-S CH-EY-S-T DH-AY F-OW-Z T-UW DH-AH M-EY-N Will combat and conquer again and again . W-IH-L K-AA-M-B-AE-T AH-N-D K-AA-NG-K-ER AH-G-EH-N AH-N-D AH-G-EH-N Thy statesmen mayhap , like the rest of mankind , DH-AY S-T-EY-T-S-M-IH-N M-EY-HH-AE-P L-AY-K DH-AH R-EH-S-T AH-V M-AE-N-K-AY-N-D May now and then prove to thy interest blind ; M-EY N-AW AH-N-D DH-EH-N P-R-UW-V T-UW DH-AY IH-N-T-R-AH-S-T B-L-AY-N-D But the mass of thy children are fill'd with a spirit B-AH-T DH-AH M-AE-S AH-V DH-AY CH-IH-L-D-R-AH-N AA-R F-IH-L-D W-IH-DH AH S-P-IH-R-AH-T That will always secure the fair soil they inherit . DH-AE-T W-IH-L AO-L-W-EY-Z S-IH-K-Y-UH-R DH-AH F-EH-R S-OY-L DH-EY IH-N-HH-EH-R-AH-T Sounds of music strike my ear ! S-AW-N-D-Z AH-V M-Y-UW-Z-IH-K S-T-R-AY-K M-AY IY-R There , my joyous Chums appear , DH-EH-R M-AY JH-OY-AH-S CH-AH-M-Z AH-P-IH-R Beck'ning me to come away B-EH-K-N-IH-NG M-IY T-UW K-AH-M AH-W-EY Joining in their festive play . JH-OY-N-IH-NG IH-N DH-EH-R F-EH-S-T-IH-V P-L-EY Happy boys -- the dance is in it HH-AE-P-IY B-OY-Z DH-AH D-AE-N-S IH-Z IH-N IH-T If you cannot wait one minute , IH-F Y-UW K-AE-N-AA-T W-EY-T W-AH-N M-IH-N-AH-T See my patron with good nature , S-IY M-AY P-EY-T-R-AH-N W-IH-DH G-UH-D N-EY-CH-ER Smiling on my New-Year's paper S-M-AY-L-IH-NG AA-N M-AY N-UW-Y-IH-R-Z P-EY-P-ER See his hand , already FUMBLING ! S-IY HH-IH-Z HH-AE-N-D AO-L-R-EH-D-IY F-AH-M-B-AH-L-IH-NG Soon the shiners will be TUMBLING . S-UW-N DH-AH SH-AY-N-ER-Z W-IH-L B-IY T-AH-M-B-AH-L-IH-NG Bless your honour -- Now my hearties , B-L-EH-S Y-AO-R AA-N-ER N-AW M-AY HH-AA-R-T-IY-Z I'll be one in all your parties . AY-L B-IY W-AH-N IH-N AO-L Y-AO-R P-AA-R-T-IY-Z LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC ! ! ! L-AO-NG L-AY-V DH-AH R-IY-P-AH-B-L-AH-K