Henry, [Without distinction, fame, or note] (without)

Without distinction , fame , or note W-IH-TH-AW-T D-IH-S-T-IH-NG-K-SH-AH-N F-EY-M AO-R N-OW-T Upon the tide of life I float , AH-P-AA-N DH-AH T-AY-D AH-V L-AY-F AY F-L-OW-T A bubble almost lost to sight AH B-AH-B-AH-L AO-L-M-OW-S-T L-AO-S-T T-UW S-AY-T As cobweb frail , as vapor light ; AE-Z K-AA-B-W-EH-B F-R-EY-L AE-Z V-EY-P-ER L-AY-T And yet within that bubble lies AH-N-D Y-EH-T W-IH-DH-IH-N DH-AE-T B-AH-B-AH-L L-AY-Z A spark of life which never dies . AH S-P-AA-R-K AH-V L-AY-F W-IH-CH N-EH-V-ER D-AY-Z