Henry, To Miss (tomiss)

Hail ! pride of each lass & the wish of each swain HH-EY-L P-R-AY-D AH-V IY-CH L-AE-S AH-N-D DH-AH W-IH-SH AH-V IY-CH S-W-EY-N The sweetest & loveliest girl on the plain ! DH-AH S-W-IY-T-AH-S-T AH-N-D L-AH-V-L-AY-AH-S-T-EY-T G-ER-L AA-N DH-AH P-L-EY-N The graces & Muses your footsteps attend -- DH-AH G-R-EY-S-IH-Z AH-N-D M-Y-UW-Z-AH-Z Y-AO-R F-UH-T-S-T-EH-P-S AH-T-EH-N-D Each shepherd a lover , each maiden a friend . IY-CH SH-EH-P-ER-D AH L-AH-V-ER IY-CH M-EY-D-AH-N AH F-R-EH-N-D Continue dear nymph , as ever you've been K-AH-N-T-IH-N-Y-UW D-IH-R N-IH-M-F AE-Z EH-V-ER Y-UW-V B-IH-N Of beauty and merit's fair empire , the Queen ; AH-V B-Y-UW-T-IY AH-N-D M-EH-R-AH-T-S F-EH-R EH-M-P-AY-ER DH-AH K-W-IY-N Of pain or misfortune the names only know , AH-V P-EY-N AO-R M-IH-S-F-AO-R-CH-AH-N DH-AH N-EY-M-Z OW-N-L-IY N-OW And the rose of content in your path ever grow . AH-N-D DH-AH R-OW-Z AH-V K-AA-N-T-EH-N-T IH-N Y-AO-R P-AE-TH EH-V-ER G-R-OW Bright rise the young year newly born eighty-nine B-R-AY-T R-AY-Z DH-AH Y-AH-NG Y-IH-R N-UW-L-IY B-AO-R-N EY-T-IY-N-AY-N On the girl I would give all the globe to call mine : AA-N DH-AH G-ER-L AY W-UH-D G-IH-V AO-L DH-AH G-L-OW-B T-UW K-AO-L M-AY-N The bounties of fortune around her be strow'n DH-AH B-AW-N-T-IY-Z AH-V F-AO-R-CH-AH-N ER-AW-N-D HH-ER B-IY S-T-R-OW-N For goodness and beauty sweet girl are thy own . F-AO-R G-UH-D-N-AH-S AH-N-D B-Y-UW-T-IY S-W-IY-T G-ER-L AA-R DH-AY OW-N