Henry, Letter sent to master Timmy Dwight (timmy)

Master Timmy brisk and airy M-AE-S-T-ER T-IH-M-IY B-R-IH-S-K AH-N-D EH-R-IY Blythe as Oberon the fairy B-L-AY-DH AE-Z OW-B-ER-AA-N DH-AH F-EH-R-IY On thy head thy cousin wishes AA-N DH-AY HH-EH-D DH-AY K-AH-Z-AH-N W-IH-SH-IH-Z Thousand and ten thousand blisses . TH-AW-Z-AH-N-D AH-N-D T-EH-N TH-AW-Z-AH-N-D B-L-IH-S-AH-Z Never may thy wicket ball N-EH-V-ER M-EY DH-AY W-IH-K-AH-T B-AO-L In a well or puddle fall ; IH-N AH W-EH-L AO-R P-AH-D-AH-L F-AO-L Or thy wild ambitious kite AO-R DH-AY W-AY-L-D AE-M-B-IH-SH-AH-S K-AY-T O'er the Elm's thick foliage light . AO-R DH-AH EH-L-M-Z TH-IH-K F-OW-L-IH-JH L-AY-T When on bended knee thou sittest W-EH-N AA-N B-EH-N-D-IH-D N-IY DH-AW S-IH-T-AH-S-T And the mark in fancy hittest AH-N-D DH-AH M-AA-R-K IH-N F-AE-N-S-IY HH-IH-T-AH-S-T May thy marble truly trace M-EY DH-AY M-AA-R-B-AH-L T-R-UW-L-IY T-R-EY-S Where thy wishes mark'd the place . W-EH-R DH-AY W-IH-SH-IH-Z M-AA-R-K-T DH-AH P-L-EY-S If at hide and seek you play , IH-F AE-T HH-AY-D AH-N-D S-IY-K Y-UW P-L-EY All involved in the hay AO-L IH-N-V-AA-L-V-D IH-N DH-AH HH-EY Titt'ring hear the joyful sound T-IH-T-R-IH-NG HH-IY-R DH-AH JH-OY-F-AH-L S-AW-N-D " Timmy never can be found . " T-IH-M-IY N-EH-V-ER K-AE-N B-IY F-AW-N-D If you hop or if you run IH-F Y-UW HH-AA-P AO-R IH-F Y-UW R-AH-N Or whatever is the fun , AO-R W-AH-T-EH-V-ER IH-Z DH-AH F-AH-N Vic'try with her sounding pinion V-IH-K-T-R-IY W-IH-DH HH-ER S-AW-N-D-IH-NG P-IH-N-Y-AH-N Hover o'er her little minion . HH-AH-V-ER AO-R HH-ER L-IH-T-AH-L M-IH-N-Y-AH-N But when hunger calls the boys B-AH-T W-EH-N HH-AH-NG-G-ER K-AO-L-Z DH-AH B-OY-Z From their helter skelter joys : F-R-AH-M DH-EH-R HH-EH-L-T-ER S-K-EH-L-T-ER JH-OY-Z Bread and cheese in order standing B-R-EH-D AH-N-D CH-IY-Z IH-N AO-R-D-ER S-T-AE-N-D-IH-NG For their most rapacious handling F-AO-R DH-EH-R M-OW-S-T R-AH-P-AE-SH-IH-S HH-AE-N-D-L-IH-NG Timmy may thy luncheon be T-IH-M-IY M-EY DH-AY L-AH-N-CH-AH-N B-IY More than Ben's as five to three . M-AO-R DH-AE-N B-EH-N-Z AE-Z F-AY-V T-UW TH-R-IY But if hasty pudding's dish B-AH-T IH-F HH-EY-S-T-IY P-UH-D-IH-NG-Z D-IH-SH Meet thy vast capacious wish - M-IY-T DH-AY V-AE-S-T K-AH-P-EY-SH-AH-S W-IH-SH Or lob-lollys charming jelly AO-R L-AA-B-L-AA-L-IY-Z CH-AA-R-M-IH-NG JH-EH-L-IY Court thy cormorantal belly K-AO-R-T DH-AY K-AO-R-M-ER-AH-N-T-AH-L B-EH-L-IY Mortal foe to megre fast M-AO-R-T-AH-L F-OW T-UW M-IY-G-ER F-AE-S-T Be thy spoonful first & last . B-IY DH-AY S-P-UW-N-F-UH-L F-ER-S-T AH-N-D L-AE-S-T