Henry, To Spadille (spadille)

Thou little four-leg'd paltry varlet DH-AW L-IH-T-AH-L F-AO-R-L-EH-G-D P-AO-L-T-R-IY V-AA-R-L-AA-T It makes my colour rise like scarlet IH-T M-EY-K-S M-AY K-AH-L-ER R-AY-Z L-AY-K S-K-AA-R-L-AH-T To see thee jump upon a knee T-UW S-IY DH-IY JH-AH-M-P AH-P-AA-N AH N-IY Where I would give the world to be ; W-EH-R AY W-UH-D G-IH-V DH-AH W-ER-L-D T-UW B-IY Nay , I could name the very time N-EY AY K-UH-D N-EY-M DH-AH V-EH-R-IY T-AY-M When I beheld that nose of thine W-EH-N AY B-IY-HH-EH-L-D DH-AE-T N-OW-Z AH-V DH-AY-N Approach those lips which once to kiss AH-P-R-OW-CH DH-OW-Z L-IH-P-S W-IH-CH W-AH-N-S T-UW K-IH-S I felt the height of all my bliss . AY F-EH-L-T DH-AH HH-AY-T AH-V AO-L M-AY B-L-IH-S These eyes have seen thy head at rest DH-IY-Z AY-Z HH-AE-V S-IY-N DH-AY HH-EH-D AE-T R-EH-S-T Upon my lovely Delia's breast ; AH-P-AA-N M-AY L-AH-V-L-IY D-IY-L-Y-AH-Z B-R-EH-S-T - A breast from beauty's model made AH B-R-EH-S-T F-R-AH-M B-Y-UW-T-IY-Z M-AA-D-AH-L M-EY-D Where all the loves & graces play'd . W-EH-R AO-L DH-AH L-AH-V-Z AH-N-D G-R-EY-S-IH-Z P-L-EY-D I've seen thee gaze upon those eyes AY-V S-IY-N DH-IY G-EY-Z AH-P-AA-N DH-OW-Z AY-Z Where roguish Cupid ever lyes W-EH-R R-OW-G-IH-SH K-Y-UW-P-IH-D EH-V-ER L-AY-Z And meet a glance so soft - so kind AH-N-D M-IY-T AH G-L-AE-N-S S-OW S-AA-F-T S-OW K-AY-N-D That envy fill'd my aching mind . DH-AE-T EH-N-V-IY F-IH-L-D M-AY EY-K-IH-NG M-AY-N-D Spadille , in pity to my pain S-P-EY-D-IH-L IH-N P-IH-T-IY T-UW M-AY P-EY-N Attempt thy pertness to restrain - AH-T-EH-M-P-T DH-AY P-ER-T-N-AH-S T-UW R-IY-S-T-R-EY-N - It hurts my soul to see a waste IH-T HH-ER-T-S M-AY S-OW-L T-UW S-IY AH W-EY-S-T Of fondness thou canst never taste . AH-V F-AA-N-D-N-AH-S DH-AW K-AE-N-S-T N-EH-V-ER T-EY-S-T Could I but take thy envied place K-UH-D AY B-AH-T T-EY-K DH-AY EH-N-V-IY-D P-L-EY-S I'd gaze upon her lovely face AY-D G-EY-Z AH-P-AA-N HH-ER L-AH-V-L-IY F-EY-S Till all inflamed with her charms T-IH-L AO-L IH-N-F-L-EY-M-D W-IH-DH HH-ER CH-AA-R-M-Z Around her neck I'd throw my arms ER-AW-N-D HH-ER N-EH-K AY-D TH-R-OW M-AY AA-R-M-Z And riot in a sea of blisses AH-N-D R-AY-AH-T IH-N AH S-IY AH-V B-L-IH-S-AH-Z While giving & receiving kisses . W-AY-L G-IH-V-IH-NG AH-N-D R-AH-S-IY-V-IH-NG K-IH-S-AH-Z