Henry, A friend had wrote his wife a poetical invitation (settle)

YES , yes my swain , thy faithful wife's prepar'd Y-EH-S Y-EH-S M-AY S-W-EY-N DH-AY F-EY-TH-F-AH-L W-AY-F-S P-R-IY-P-EH-R-D To hie to that dear cot thy hands have rear'd . T-UW HH-AY T-UW DH-AE-T D-IH-R K-AA-T DH-AY HH-AE-N-D-Z HH-AE-V R-IH-R-D Tho there the way-worn pilgrim can't behold DH-OW DH-EH-R DH-AH W-EY-W-AO-R-N P-IH-L-G-R-AH-M K-AE-N-T B-IH-HH-OW-L-D The Cornich blazing with the fretted gold ; DH-AH K-AO-R-N-IH-SH B-L-EY-Z-IH-NG W-IH-DH DH-AH F-R-EH-T-IH-D G-OW-L-D Altho no damask curtain gives the day AO-L-DH-OW N-OW D-AE-M-AH-S-K K-ER-T-AH-N G-IH-V-Z DH-AH D-EY Its crimson tint , and sheds the purple ray ; IH-T-S K-R-IH-M-Z-AH-N T-IH-N-T AH-N-D SH-EH-D-Z DH-AH P-ER-P-AH-L R-EY Altho no surly porter stands in state AO-L-DH-OW N-OW S-ER-L-IY P-AO-R-T-ER S-T-AE-N-D-Z IH-N S-T-EY-T To guard the sumptuous and unsocial gate ; T-UW G-AA-R-D DH-AH S-AH-M-P-CH-W-AH-S AH-N-D AH-N-S-OW-SH-AH-L G-EY-T Tho thousand and ten thousand trivial things DH-OW TH-AW-Z-AH-N-D AH-N-D T-EH-N TH-AW-Z-AH-N-D T-R-IH-V-IY-AH-L TH-IH-NG-Z Which Lux'ry and her sister Folly brings , W-IH-CH L-AH-G-ZH-R-IY AH-N-D HH-ER S-IH-S-T-ER F-AA-L-IY B-R-IH-NG-Z Be wanting there - yet there ! Yet there I'll find B-IY W-AA-N-T-IH-NG DH-EH-R Y-EH-T DH-EH-R Y-EH-T DH-EH-R AY-L F-AY-N-D That richest furniture ! A quiet mind . DH-AE-T R-IH-CH-AH-S-T F-ER-N-IH-CH-ER AH K-W-AY-AH-T M-AY-N-D With my own swain , unsever'd from my side , W-IH-DH M-AY OW-N S-W-EY-N AH-N-S-EH-V-ER-D F-R-AH-M M-AY S-AY-D Adown the stream of life I'll joyous glide . AH-D-AW-N DH-AH S-T-R-IY-M AH-V L-AY-F AY-L JH-OY-AH-S G-L-AY-D Tho the brown horrors of the nodding wood -- DH-OW DH-AH B-R-AW-N HH-AO-R-ER-Z AH-V DH-AH N-AA-D-IH-NG W-UH-D Or -- brilliant landscapes dance upon the flood ; AO-R B-R-IH-L-Y-AH-N-T L-AE-N-D-S-K-EY-P-S D-AE-N-S AH-P-AA-N DH-AH F-L-AH-D Thro each vicissitude I'll boldly steer , TH-R-UW IY-CH V-IH-S-IH-S-IH-T-UW-D AY-L B-OW-L-D-L-IY S-T-IH-R Whilst Thou my love , my life , my all , art near . W-AY-L-S-T DH-AW M-AY L-AH-V M-AY L-AY-F M-AY AO-L AA-R-T N-IH-R - Yes yes , my swain thy faithful wife will go , Y-EH-S Y-EH-S M-AY S-W-EY-N DH-AY F-EY-TH-F-AH-L W-AY-F W-IH-L G-OW With Thee thro summers heat , or winter's snow : W-IH-DH DH-IY TH-R-UW S-AH-M-ER-Z HH-IY-T AO-R W-IH-N-T-ER-Z S-N-OW Where'er high Heav'n and you point out the way W-EH-R-EH-R HH-AY HH-EH-V-AH-N AH-N-D Y-UW P-OY-N-T AW-T DH-AH W-EY Nor wish , nor ask , a moment's fond delay . N-AO-R W-IH-SH N-AO-R AE-S-K AH M-OW-M-AH-N-T-S F-AA-N-D D-IH-L-EY Clung to thy arm , with brighter scenes in view K-L-AH-NG T-UW DH-AY AA-R-M W-IH-DH B-R-AY-T-ER S-IY-N-Z IH-N V-Y-UW I'll catch thy flame & feel thy raptures too ! AY-L K-AE-CH DH-AY F-L-EY-M AH-N-D F-IY-L DH-AY R-AE-P-CH-ER-Z T-UW - To that dear cot thy hands have rear'd I'll hie , T-UW DH-AE-T D-IH-R K-AA-T DH-AY HH-AE-N-D-Z HH-AE-V R-IH-R-D AY-L HH-AY Live with my swain & with my swain will die . L-AY-V W-IH-DH M-AY S-W-EY-N AH-N-D W-IH-DH M-AY S-W-EY-N W-IH-L D-AY