Henry, On my sister Joannas entrance into her 33r year (joanna)

On this thy natal day permit a friend - AA-N DH-IH-S DH-AY N-EY-T-AH-L D-EY P-ER-M-IH-T AH F-R-EH-N-D A brother - with thy joys his own to blend : AH B-R-AH-DH-ER W-IH-DH DH-AY JH-OY-Z HH-IH-Z OW-N T-UW B-L-EH-N-D In all thy gladness he would wish to share IH-N AO-L DH-AY G-L-AE-D-N-AH-S HH-IY W-UH-D W-IH-SH T-UW SH-EH-R As willing in thy griefs a part to bear . AE-Z W-IH-L-IH-NG IH-N DH-AY G-R-IY-F-Z AH P-AA-R-T T-UW B-EH-R Meekly attend the ways of higher heav'n ! M-IY-K-L-IY AH-T-EH-N-D DH-AH W-EY-Z AH-V HH-AY-ER HH-EH-V-AH-N Is much deny'd ? Yet much my dear is giv'n . IH-Z M-AH-CH D-IH-N-AY-D Y-EH-T M-AH-CH M-AY D-IH-R IH-Z G-IH-V-AH-N Thy health , thy reason unimpaired remain DH-AY HH-EH-L-TH DH-AY R-IY-Z-AH-N AH-N-IH-M-P-EH-R-D R-IH-M-EY-N And while as new fal'n snows thy spotless fame . AH-N-D W-AY-L AE-Z N-UW F-AA-L-AH-N S-N-OW-Z DH-AY S-P-AA-T-L-AH-S F-EY-M The partner of thy life , attentive - kind - DH-AH P-AA-R-T-N-ER AH-V DH-AY L-AY-F AH-T-EH-N-T-IH-V K-AY-N-D And blending e'en the interests of the mind . AH-N-D B-L-EH-N-D-IH-NG IY-N DH-AH IH-N-T-R-AH-S-T-S AH-V DH-AH M-AY-N-D What bliss is thine when fore thy glistn'ing eye W-AH-T B-L-IH-S IH-Z DH-AY-N W-EH-N F-AO-R DH-AY G-L-IH-S-N-IH-NG AY Thy lovely infant train pass jocund by ! DH-AY L-AH-V-L-IY IH-N-F-AH-N-T T-R-EY-N P-AE-S JH-AA-K-AH-N-D B-AY The ruddy cheek , the smiling morning face DH-AH R-AH-D-IY CH-IY-K DH-AH S-M-AY-L-IH-NG M-AO-R-N-IH-NG F-EY-S Denote a healthy undegenerate race : D-IH-N-OW-T AH HH-EH-L-TH-IY AH-N-D-IH-JH-EH-N-ER-AH-T R-EY-S In them renew'd , you'll live & live again , IH-N DH-EH-M R-IY-N-UW-D Y-UW-L L-AY-V AH-N-D L-AY-V AH-G-EH-N And children's children's children lisp thy name . AH-N-D CH-IH-L-D-R-AH-N-Z CH-IH-L-D-R-AH-N-Z CH-IH-L-D-R-AH-N L-IH-S-P DH-AY N-EY-M