Henry, To the Memory of Sarah Livingston (deathsarah)

BEYOND where billows roll or tempests vex B-IH-AA-N-D W-EH-R B-IH-L-OW-Z R-OW-L AO-R T-EH-M-P-AH-S-T-S V-EH-K-S Is gone the gentlest of the gentle sex ! IH-Z G-AO-N DH-AH JH-EH-N-T-AH-L-AH-S-T AH-V DH-AH JH-EH-N-T-AH-L S-EH-K-S --- Her brittle bark on life's wild ocean tost HH-ER B-R-IH-T-AH-L B-AA-R-K AA-N L-AY-F-S W-AY-L-D OW-SH-AH-N T-AO-S-T Unequal to the conflict soon was lost . AH-N-IY-K-W-AH-L T-UW DH-AH K-AA-N-F-L-IH-K-T S-UW-N W-AA-Z L-AO-S-T Severe her sufferings ! much , alas , she bore , S-AH-V-IH-R HH-ER S-AH-F-ER-IH-NG-Z M-AH-CH AH-L-AE-S SH-IY B-AO-R Then sunk beneath the storm & rose no more . DH-EH-N S-AH-NG-K B-IH-N-IY-TH DH-AH S-T-AO-R-M AH-N-D R-OW-Z N-OW M-AO-R But when th' Archangel's awful trump shall sound B-AH-T W-EH-N DH-AH AA-R-K-EY-N-JH-AH-L-Z AA-F-AH-L T-R-AH-M-P SH-AE-L S-AW-N-D And vibrate life thro all the deep profound AH-N-D V-AY-B-R-EY-T L-AY-F TH-R-UW AO-L DH-AH D-IY-P P-R-OW-F-AW-N-D Her renovated vessel will be seen , HH-ER R-EH-N-AH-V-EY-T-IH-D V-EH-S-AH-L W-IH-L B-IY S-IY-N Transcendant floating on the silver stream ! T-R-AE-N-S-EH-N-D-AH-N-T F-L-OW-T-IH-NG AA-N DH-AH S-IH-L-V-ER S-T-R-IY-M All beauteous to behold ! serene she glides AO-L B-Y-UW-T-IY-AH-S T-UW B-IH-HH-OW-L-D S-ER-IY-N SH-IY G-L-AY-D-Z Borne on by mildest & propitious tides ; B-AO-R-N AA-N B-AY M-AY-L-D-AH-S-T AH-N-D P-R-AH-P-IH-SH-AH-S T-AY-D-Z While fanning zephyrs fill her snow white sails W-AY-L F-AE-N-IH-NG Z-EH-F-ER-Z F-IH-L HH-ER S-N-OW W-AY-T S-EY-L-Z And aid her passage with the friendliest gales AH-N-D EY-D HH-ER P-AE-S-AH-JH W-IH-DH DH-AH F-R-EH-N-D-L-IY-AH-S-T G-EY-L-Z Till safe within the destin'd port of bliss T-IH-L S-EY-F W-IH-DH-IH-N DH-AH D-EH-S-T-AH-N-D P-AO-R-T AH-V B-L-IH-S She furls her sails and moors in endless peace . SH-IY F-ER-L-Z HH-ER S-EY-L-Z AH-N-D M-UH-R-Z IH-N EH-N-D-L-AH-S P-IY-S