Henry, The Soliloquy of a careless Philosopher (careless)

I rise when I please , when I please I lie down AY R-AY-Z W-EH-N AY P-L-IY-Z W-EH-N AY P-L-IY-Z AY L-AY D-AW-N Nor seek , what I care not a rush for , renown : N-AO-R S-IY-K W-AH-T AY K-EH-R N-AA-T AH R-AH-SH F-AO-R R-IH-N-AW-N The rattle call'd wealth I have most taken despise DH-AH R-AE-T-AH-L K-AO-L-D W-EH-L-TH AY HH-AE-V M-OW-S-T T-EY-K-AH-N D-IH-S-P-AY-Z Nor aim to be either important or wise . N-AO-R EY-M T-UW B-IY IY-DH-ER IH-M-P-AO-R-T-AH-N-T AO-R W-AY-Z Let women & children & children-like men L-EH-T W-IH-M-AH-N AH-N-D CH-IH-L-D-R-AH-N AH-N-D CH-IH-L-D-R-AH-N-L-AY M-EH-N Pursue the false trollop the world has called fame . P-ER-S-UW DH-AH F-AO-L-S T-R-OW-L-AH-P DH-AH W-ER-L-D HH-AE-Z K-AO-L-D F-EY-M Who just as enjoyed , is instantly flown HH-UW JH-AH-S-T AE-Z EH-N-JH-OY-D IH-Z IH-N-S-T-AH-N-T-L-IY F-L-OW-N And leaves disappointment the hag in her room . AH-N-D L-IY-V-Z D-IH-S-AH-P-OY-N-T-M-AH-N-T DH-AH HH-AE-G IH-N HH-ER R-UW-M If the world is content not to stand in my way IH-F DH-AH W-ER-L-D IH-Z K-AA-N-T-EH-N-T N-AA-T T-UW S-T-AE-N-D IH-N M-AY W-EY The world may jog on both by night & by day DH-AH W-ER-L-D M-EY JH-AA-G AA-N B-OW-TH B-AY N-AY-T AH-N-D B-AY D-EY Unimpeded by me -- not a straw will I put AH-N-IH-M-P-IY-D-IH-D B-AY M-IY N-AA-T AH S-T-R-AO W-IH-L AY P-UH-T Where a dear fellow-creature uplifteth its foot . W-EH-R AH D-IH-R F-EH-L-OW-K-R-IY-CH-ER AH-P-L-IH-F-T-AH-TH IH-T-S F-UH-T While my conscience upbraids not , I'll rise and lye down W-AY-L M-AY K-AA-N-SH-AH-N-S AH-P-B-R-EY-D-Z N-AA-T AY-L R-AY-Z AH-N-D L-AY D-AW-N Nor envy a monarch his cares and his crown . N-AO-R EH-N-V-IY AH M-AA-N-AA-R-K HH-IH-Z K-EH-R-Z AH-N-D HH-IH-Z K-R-AW-N