Henry, To my little niece ANNE DUYCKINCK (anne)

To his charming black-ey'd niece T-UW HH-IH-Z CH-AA-R-M-IH-NG B-L-AE-K-AY-D N-IY-S Uncle Harry wishest peace ! AH-NG-K-AH-L HH-EH-R-IY W-IH-SH-IH-S-T P-IY-S Wishes roses ever strow'd W-IH-SH-IH-Z R-OW-Z-IH-Z EH-V-ER S-T-R-OW-D O'er her sublunary road ! AO-R HH-ER S-AH-B-L-UW-N-EH-R-IY R-OW-D - No rude winds around her howl N-OW R-UW-D W-IH-N-D-Z ER-AW-N-D HH-ER HH-AW-L O'er her head no tempests scowl ; AO-R HH-ER HH-EH-D N-OW T-EH-M-P-AH-S-T-S S-K-AW-L No red lightnings flash around N-OW R-EH-D L-AY-T-N-IH-NG-Z F-L-AE-SH ER-AW-N-D No loud thunders rock the ground ! N-OW L-AW-D TH-AH-N-D-ER-Z R-AA-K DH-AH G-R-AW-N-D - Bright has been her morning sun B-R-AY-T HH-AE-Z B-IH-N HH-ER M-AO-R-N-IH-NG S-AH-N Brighter still be that to come ! B-R-AY-T-ER S-T-IH-L B-IY DH-AE-T T-UW K-AH-M All a blue serene above , AO-L AH B-L-UW S-ER-IY-N AH-B-AH-V Within , all innocence & love . W-IH-DH-IH-N AO-L IH-N-AH-S-AH-N-S AH-N-D L-AH-V