96 lines, 744 words, 2642 phonemes, 177508 milliseconds

Southey , I love the magic of thy lyre , S-AW1-TH-IY0 AY1 L-AH1-V DH-AH0 M-AE1-JH-IH0-K AH1-V DH-AY1 L-AY1-R HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
That calms , at will , or sets the soul on fire ; DH-AE1-T K-AA1-M-Z AE1-T W-IH1-L AO1-R S-EH1-T-S DH-AH0 S-OW1-L AA1-N F-AY1-ER0 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.038
Whose changeful notes through ev'ry mode can stray , HH-UW1-Z CH-EY1-N-JH-F-UH1-L N-OW1-T-S TH-R-UW1 EH-V-R-IY M-OW1-D K-AE1-N S-T-R-EY1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
From deep-toned horror to the sprightliest lay . F-R-AH1-M D-IY1-P-T-OW1-N-D HH-AO1-R-ER0 T-UW1 DH-AH0 S-P-R-AY1-T-L-IY0-AH0-S-T L-EY1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
In Fancy's wilds with you I love to roam , IH0-N F-AE1-N-S-IY0-Z W-AY1-L-D-Z W-IH1-DH Y-UW1 AY1 L-AH1-V T-UW1 R-OW1-M HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.051
Where all things strange and monstrous make their home . W-EH1-R AO1-L TH-IH1-NG-Z S-T-R-EY1-N-JH AH0-N-D M-AA1-N-S-T-R-AH0-S M-EY1-K DH-EH1-R HH-OW1-M HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And when from wild imagination's dreams AH0-N-D W-EH1-N F-R-AH1-M W-AY1-L-D IH0-M-AE2-JH-AH0-N-EY1-SH-AH0-N-Z D-R-IY1-M-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
You wake to holy or heroic themes , Y-UW1 W-EY1-K T-UW1 HH-OW1-L-IY0 AO1-R HH-IH0-R-OW1-IH0-K TH-IY1-M-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
My spirit owns the impulse of your strains ; M-AY1 S-P-IH1-R-AH0-T OW1-N-Z DH-AH0 IH1-M-P-AH0-L-S AH1-V Y-AO1-R S-T-R-EY1-N-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
My circling blood flows freer through my veins . M-AY1 S-ER1-K-AH0-L-IH0-NG B-L-AH1-D F-L-OW1-Z F-R-IY1-ER0 TH-R-UW1 M-AY1 V-EY1-N-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Yet not amid these wonders of your art Y-EH1-T N-AA1-T AH0-M-IH1-D DH-IY1-Z W-AH1-N-D-ER0-Z AH1-V Y-AO1-R AA1-R-T HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
I find the trembling key-note of my heart . AY1 F-AY1-N-D DH-AH0 T-R-EH1-M-B-AH0-L-IH0-NG K-IY1-N-OW1-T AH1-V M-AY1 HH-AA1-R-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
'Tis not the depth and strength of tone that bring T-IH1-Z N-AA1-T DH-AH0 D-EH1-P-TH AH0-N-D S-T-R-EH1-NG-K-TH AH1-V T-OW1-N DH-AE1-T B-R-IH1-NG HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.051
Responsive murmurs from a neighboring string . R-IH0-S-P-AA1-N-S-IH0-V M-ER1-M-ER0-Z F-R-AH1-M AH0 N-EY1-B-ER0-IH0-NG S-T-R-IH1-NG HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.038
Soft sympathetic sounds and tremors rise S-AA1-F-T S-IH2-M-P-AH0-TH-EH1-T-IH0-K S-AW1-N-D-Z AH0-N-D T-R-EH1-M-ER0-Z R-AY1-Z HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.051
Only from chords attun'd to harmonize . OW1-N-L-IY0 F-R-AH1-M K-AO1-R-D-Z AH0-T-UW1-N-D T-UW1 HH-AA1-R-M-AH0-N-AY2-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
'Tis when you pour the simple plaintive strain T-IH1-Z W-EH1-N Y-UW1 P-AO1-R DH-AH0 S-IH1-M-P-AH0-L P-L-EY1-N-T-IH0-V S-T-R-EY1-N HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
That tells a fond bereaved parent's pain , DH-AE1-T T-EH1-L-Z AH0 F-AA1-N-D B-ER0-IY1-V-D P-EH1-R-AH0-N-T-S P-EY1-N HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.143 0.143 /AllW 0.038 0.051
'Tis when you sing of dear ones gone to rest , T-IH1-Z W-EH1-N Y-UW1 S-IH1-NG AH1-V D-IH1-R W-AH1-N-Z G-AO1-N T-UW1 R-EH1-S-T HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.051
I feel each fibre vibrate in my breast . AY1 F-IY1-L IY1-CH F-AY1-B-ER0 V-AY1-B-R-EY0-T IH0-N M-AY1 B-R-EH1-S-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Alas ! too well , bereavement's pangs I know ; AH0-L-AE1-S T-UW1 W-EH1-L B-ER0-IY1-V-M-AH0-N-T-Z P-AE1-NG-Z AY1 N-OW1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Too well , a parent's and a husband's woe . T-UW1 W-EH1-L AH0 P-EH1-R-AH0-N-T-S AH0-N-D AH0 HH-AH1-Z-B-AH0-N-D-Z W-OW1 HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
To crown the num'rous blessings of my life , T-UW1 K-R-AW1-N DH-AH0 N-UW1-M-R-AH0-S B-L-EH1-S-IH0-NG-Z AH1-V M-AY1 L-AY1-F HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
I had sweet children and a lovely wife . AY1 HH-AE1-D S-W-IY1-T CH-IH1-L-D-R-AH0-N AH0-N-D AH0 L-AH1-V-L-IY0 W-AY1-F HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.250 /AllW 0.038
All seem'd so firm , so ordered to endure , AO1-L S-IY1-M-D S-OW1 F-ER1-M S-OW1 AO1-R-D-ER0-D T-UW1 EH0-N-D-Y-UH1-R HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
That , fool ! I fancied all around secure . DH-AE1-T F-UW1-L AY1 F-AE1-N-S-IY0-D AO1-L ER0-AW1-N-D S-IH0-K-Y-UH1-R HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.051
Heav'n seem'd to smile ; Hope whisper'd to my heart , HH-EH1-V-AH0-N S-IY1-M-D T-UW1 S-M-AY1-L HH-OW1-P W-IH1-S-P-ER0-D T-UW1 M-AY1 HH-AA1-R-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
These love-wrought ties shall never rudely part ; DH-IY1-Z L-AH1-V-R-AO1-T T-AY1-Z SH-AE1-L N-EH1-V-ER0 R-UW1-D-L-IY0 P-AA1-R-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
But Time , with slow advance and gentle hand , B-AH1-T T-AY1-M W-IH1-DH S-L-OW1 AH0-D-V-AE1-N-S AH0-N-D JH-EH1-N-T-AH0-L HH-AE1-N-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Shall loosen , one by one , each sacred band . SH-AE1-L L-UW1-S-AH0-N W-AH1-N B-AY1 W-AH1-N IY1-CH S-EY1-K-R-AH0-D B-AE1-N-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The old shall first drop peaceful in the tomb , DH-AH0 OW1-L-D SH-AE1-L F-ER1-S-T D-R-AA1-P P-IY1-S-F-AH0-L IH0-N DH-AH0 T-UW1-M HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And leave the young to fill their vacant room . AH0-N-D L-IY1-V DH-AH0 Y-AH1-NG T-UW1 F-IH1-L DH-EH1-R V-EY1-K-AH0-N-T R-UW1-M HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Life's pleasures shall not wither at a blow , L-AY1-F-S P-L-EH1-ZH-ER0-Z SH-AE1-L N-AA1-T W-IH1-DH-ER0 AE1-T AH0 B-L-OW1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
But quiet pass , with mild decay and slow . B-AH1-T K-W-AY1-AH0-T P-AE1-S W-IH1-DH M-AY1-L-D D-AH0-K-EY1 AH0-N-D S-L-OW1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
The buoyant joys of youth , so bright and fair , DH-AH0 B-OY1-AH0-N-T JH-OY1-Z AH1-V Y-UW1-TH S-OW1 B-R-AY1-T AH0-N-D F-EH1-R HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
Like rainbow tints , shall mellow into air . L-AY1-K R-EY1-N-B-OW2 T-IH1-N-T-S SH-AE1-L M-EH1-L-OW0 IH0-N-T-UW1 EH1-R HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
But sad reality has prov'd how vain B-AH1-T S-AE1-D R-IY2-AE1-L-AH0-T-IY2 HH-AE1-Z P-R-UW1-V-D HH-AW1 V-EY1-N HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.051
This faithless prospect of a dreaming brain . DH-IH1-S F-EY1-TH-L-EH1-S P-R-AA1-S-P-EH0-K-T AH1-V AH0 D-R-IY1-M-IH0-NG B-R-EY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Death's icy hand , within three fleeting years , D-EH1-TH-S AY1-S-IY0 HH-AE1-N-D W-IH0-DH-IH1-N TH-R-IY1 F-L-IY1-T-IH0-NG Y-IH1-R-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Has chang'd this scene of bliss to sighs and tears . HH-AE1-Z CH-EY1-N-JH-D DH-IH1-S S-IY1-N AH1-V B-L-IH1-S T-UW1 S-AY1-Z AH0-N-D T-EH1-R-Z HF-MF Mfav Hfav 3 2 1 /LinW 0.200 0.100 /AllW 0.051 0.038
One lovely innocent was snatch'd away W-AH1-N L-AH1-V-L-IY0 IH1-N-AH0-S-AH0-N-T W-AA1-Z S-N-AE1-CH-T AH0-W-EY1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
A rose-bud , not half-open'd to the day AH0 R-OW1-Z-B-AH0-D N-AA1-T HH-AE1-F-OW1-P-AH0-N-D T-UW1 DH-AH0 D-EY1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
I saw my wife , then to the grave descend , AY1 S-AO1 M-AY1 W-AY1-F DH-EH1-N T-UW1 DH-AH0 G-R-EY1-V D-IH0-S-EH1-N-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Beloved of my heart , my bosom friend . B-IH0-L-AH1-V-D AH1-V M-AY1 HH-AA1-R-T M-AY1 B-UH1-Z-AH0-M F-R-EH1-N-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
So interwoven were our joys , our pains , S-OW1 IH2-N-T-ER0-W-OW1-V-AH0-N W-ER0 AW1-ER0 JH-OY1-Z AW1-ER0 P-EY1-N-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
That , as I weeping follow'd her remains , DH-AE1-T AE1-Z AY1 W-IY1-P-IH0-NG F-AA1-L-OW0-D HH-ER0 R-IH0-M-EY1-N-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
I thought to tell her of the mournful scene AY1 TH-AO1-T T-UW1 T-EH1-L HH-ER0 AH1-V DH-AH0 M-AO1-R-N-F-AH0-L S-IY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
I could not realize the gulph between . AY1 K-UH1-D N-AA1-T R-IY1-AH0-L-AY2-Z DH-AH0 G-AH1-L-F B-IH0-T-W-IY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
This was not all ; there was another blow DH-IH1-S W-AA1-Z N-AA1-T AO1-L DH-EH1-R W-AA1-Z AH0-N-AH1-DH-ER0 B-L-OW1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
Reserv'd to put the finish to my woe . R-IY0-Z-ER1-V-D T-UW1 P-UH1-T DH-AH0 F-IH1-N-IH0-SH T-UW1 M-AY1 W-OW1 HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
A sweet endearing creature , perish'd last , AH0 S-W-IY1-T EH0-N-D-IY1-R-IH0-NG K-R-IY1-CH-ER0 P-EH1-R-IH0-SH-T L-AE1-S-T HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.038
In youth's first spring , all childhood's dangers past IH0-N Y-UW1-TH-S F-ER1-S-T S-P-R-IH1-NG AO1-L CH-AY1-L-D-HH-UH2-D-Z D-EY1-N-JH-ER0-Z P-AE1-S-T HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
Oh ! awful trial of religion's power , OW1 AA1-F-AH0-L T-R-AY1-AH0-L AH1-V R-IH0-L-IH1-JH-AH0-N-Z P-AW1-ER0 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
To see a suffering innocent's last hour ! T-UW1 S-IY1 AH0 S-AH1-F-ER0-IH0-NG IH1-N-AH0-S-AH0-N-T-S L-AE1-S-T AW1-ER0 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
But mark me well -- I would not change one jot B-AH1-T M-AA1-R-K M-IY1 W-EH1-L AY1 W-UH1-D N-AA1-T CH-EY1-N-JH W-AH1-N JH-AA1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Of Heaven's decrees , to meliorate my lot : AH1-V HH-EH1-V-AH0-N-Z D-IH0-K-R-IY1-Z T-UW1 M-IY1-L-Y-ER0-EY2-T M-AY1 L-AA1-T HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.051
Farewell to early bliss , to all that's bright ! F-EH2-R-W-EH1-L T-UW1 ER1-L-IY0 B-L-IH1-S T-UW1 AO1-L DH-AE1-T-S B-R-AY1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
No thought rebels ; I know , I feel 'tis right . N-OW1 TH-AO1-T R-EH1-B-AH0-L-Z AY1 N-OW1 AY1 F-IY1-L T-IH1-Z R-AY1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Nor should I mourn as though of all bereft : N-AO1-R SH-UH1-D AY1 M-AO1-R-N AE1-Z DH-OW1 AH1-V AO1-L B-ER0-EH1-F-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Some transient pleasures , here and there , are left ; S-AH1-M T-R-AE1-N-ZH-AH0-N-T P-L-EH1-ZH-ER0-Z HH-IY1-R AH0-N-D DH-EH1-R AA1-R L-EH1-F-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Some short-liv'd flowers that in the forest bloom , S-AH1-M SH-AO1-R-T-L-IH1-V-D F-L-AW1-ER0-Z DH-AE1-T IH0-N DH-AH0 F-AO1-R-AH0-S-T B-L-UW1-M HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
And scatter fragrance in the settled gloom . AH0-N-D S-K-AE1-T-ER0 F-R-EY1-G-R-AH0-N-S IH0-N DH-AH0 S-EH1-T-AH0-L-D G-L-UW1-M HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
I look not round , and peevishly repine , AY1 L-UH1-K N-AA1-T R-AW1-N-D AH0-N-D P-IY1-V-IH0-SH-L-IY0 R-EH1-P-AY1-N HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.051
As though no other sorrow equall'd mine . AE1-Z DH-OW1 N-OW1 AH1-DH-ER0 S-AA1-R-OW0 IY1-K-W-AH0-L-D M-AY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
I boast no proud preeminence of pain AY1 B-OW1-S-T N-OW1 P-R-AW1-D P-R-IY0-EH1-M-AH0-N-AH0-N-S AH1-V P-EY1-N HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.051
But oh ! these spectres that infest my brain ! B-AH1-T OW1 DH-IY1-Z S-P-EH1-K-T-ER0-Z DH-AE1-T IH0-N-F-EH1-S-T M-AY1 B-R-EY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
My death-struck child , with nostrils breathing wide , M-AY1 D-EH1-TH-S-T-R-AH1-K CH-AY1-L-D W-IH1-DH N-AA1-S-T-R-AH0-L-Z B-R-IY1-DH-IH0-NG W-AY1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Turning in vain , for ease , from side to side ; T-ER1-N-IH0-NG IH0-N V-EY1-N F-AO1-R IY1-Z F-R-AH1-M S-AY1-D T-UW1 S-AY1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The fitful flush that lit her half-closed eye , DH-AH0 F-IH1-T-F-AH0-L F-L-AH1-SH DH-AE1-T L-IH1-T HH-ER0 HH-AE1-F-K-L-OW1-Z-D AY1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
And burned her sunken cheek ; her plaintive cry ; AH0-N-D B-ER1-N-D HH-ER0 S-AH1-NG-K-AH0-N CH-IY1-K HH-ER0 P-L-EY1-N-T-IH0-V K-R-AY1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Her dying gasp ; and as she sank to rest , HH-ER0 D-AY1-IH0-NG G-AE1-S-P AH0-N-D AE1-Z SH-IY1 S-AE1-NG-K T-UW1 R-EH1-S-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Her wither'd hands cross'd gently o'er her breast . HH-ER0 W-IH1-DH-ER0-D HH-AE1-N-D-Z K-R-AO1-S-T JH-EH1-N-T-L-IY0 AO-R HH-ER0 B-R-EH1-S-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
My dying wife's emaciated form , M-AY1 D-AY1-IH0-NG W-AY1-F-S IH0-M-EY1-SH-IY0-EY2-T-IH0-D F-AO1-R-M HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
So late , with youthful spirit fresh and warm . S-OW1 L-EY1-T W-IH1-DH Y-UW1-TH-F-AH0-L S-P-IH1-R-AH0-T F-R-EH1-SH AH0-N-D W-AO1-R-M HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
The deep , but noiseless anguish of her mind DH-AH0 D-IY1-P B-AH1-T N-OY1-Z-L-EH1-S AE1-NG-G-W-IH0-SH AH1-V HH-ER0 M-AY1-N-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
At leaving all she lov'd on earth behind . AE1-T L-IY1-V-IH0-NG AO1-L SH-IY1 L-AH1-V-D AA1-N ER1-TH B-IH0-HH-AY1-N-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The silent tear that down her cheek would stray , DH-AH0 S-AY1-L-AH0-N-T T-EH1-R DH-AE1-T D-AW1-N HH-ER0 CH-IY1-K W-UH1-D S-T-R-EY1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
And wet the pillow where resign'd she lay . AH0-N-D W-EH1-T DH-AH0 P-IH1-L-OW0 W-EH1-R R-IH0-Z-AY1-N-D SH-IY1 L-EY1 HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Her stiffen'd limbs , all powerless and weak ; HH-ER0 S-T-IH1-F-AH0-N-D L-IH1-M-Z AO1-L P-AW1-ER0-L-AH0-S AH0-N-D W-IY1-K HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
Her clay-cold parting kiss ; her pale damp cheek ; HH-ER0 K-L-EY1-K-OW1-L-D P-AA1-R-T-IH0-NG K-IH1-S HH-ER0 P-EY1-L D-AE1-M-P CH-IY1-K HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
Her awful prayer for mercy , at the last , HH-ER0 AA1-F-AH0-L P-R-EH1-R F-AO1-R M-ER1-S-IY0 AE1-T DH-AH0 L-AE1-S-T HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Fainter and fainter , till her spirit pass'd F-EY1-N-T-ER0 AH0-N-D F-EY1-N-T-ER0 T-IH1-L HH-ER0 S-P-IH1-R-AH0-T P-AE1-S-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The image of the next lov'd suffer too DH-AH0 IH1-M-AH0-JH AH1-V DH-AH0 N-EH1-K-S-T L-AH1-V-D S-AH1-F-ER0 T-UW1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
Is ever , ever present to my view . IH1-Z EH1-V-ER0 EH1-V-ER0 P-R-EH1-Z-AH0-N-T T-UW1 M-AY1 V-Y-UW1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Her cease cough -- her quick and panting breath , HH-ER0 S-IY1-S K-AA1-F HH-ER0 K-W-IH1-K AH0-N-D P-AE1-N-T-IH0-NG B-R-EH1-TH HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
With all the dreadful harbingers of death . W-IH1-DH AO1-L DH-AH0 D-R-EH1-D-F-AH0-L HH-AA1-R-B-IH0-NG-ER0-Z AH1-V D-EH1-TH HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
No anxious mother watching at her side , N-OW1 AE1-NG-K-SH-AH0-S M-AH1-DH-ER0 W-AA1-CH-IH0-NG AE1-T HH-ER0 S-AY1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
To whisper consolation as she died . T-UW1 W-IH1-S-P-ER0 K-AA2-N-S-AH0-L-EY1-SH-AH0-N AE1-Z SH-IY1 D-AY1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Oh ! do not ask me why I thus complain OW1 D-UW1 N-AA1-T AE1-S-K M-IY1 W-AY1 AY1 DH-AH1-S K-AH0-M-P-L-EY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
To you a stranger , far across the main T-UW1 Y-UW1 AH0 S-T-R-EY1-N-JH-ER0 F-AA1-R AH0-K-R-AO1-S DH-AH0 M-EY1-N HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
Bear with a bleeding heart that loves to tell B-EH1-R W-IH1-DH AH0 B-L-IY1-D-IH0-NG HH-AA1-R-T DH-AE1-T L-AH1-V-Z T-UW1 T-EH1-L HF-MF Mfav Hfav 3 2 1 /LinW 0.222 0.111 /AllW 0.051 0.038
Its sorrows , and on all pangs to dwell . IH1-T-S S-AA1-R-OW0-Z AH0-N-D AA1-N AO1-L P-AE1-NG-Z T-UW1 D-W-EH1-L HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.250 /AllW 0.051
A strange relief the mourner's bosom knows AH0 S-T-R-EY1-N-JH R-IH0-L-IY1-F DH-AH0 M-AO1-R-N-ER0-Z B-UH1-Z-AH0-M N-OW1-Z HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
In clinging close and closer to its woes . IH0-N K-L-IH1-NG-IH0-NG K-L-OW1-S AH0-N-D K-L-OW1-S-ER0 T-UW1 IH1-T-S W-OW1-Z HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
In unheard plaints it consolation finds , IH0-N AH0-N-HH-ER1-D P-L-EY1-N-T-S IH1-T K-AA2-N-S-AH0-L-EY1-SH-AH0-N F-AY1-N-D-Z HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.167 0.167 /AllW 0.038 0.051
And weeps and murmurs to the heedless winds . AH0-N-D W-IY1-P-S AH0-N-D M-ER1-M-ER0-Z T-UW1 DH-AH0 HH-IY1-D-L-EH1-S W-IH1-N-D-Z HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.250 /AllW 0.051

HF-MF Pair Totals for this Poem Hfav Mfav 27 34 0.14% 0.17%