Moore, Saratoga (mooresaratoga4)
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Moore's 'Poems' 1844 

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From sleep profound our young folk op'd their eyes , F-R-AH1-M S-L-IY1-P P-R-OW0-F-AW1-N-D AW1-ER0 Y-AH1-NG F-OW1-K OW1-P-D DH-EH1-R AY1-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
When first the warning bell sent forth its peal ; W-EH1-N F-ER1-S-T DH-AH0 W-AO1-R-N-IH0-NG B-EH1-L S-EH1-N-T F-AO1-R-TH IH1-T-S P-IY1-L HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.051
And for a moment gazed , with that surprise AH0-N-D F-AO1-R AH0 M-OW1-M-AH0-N-T G-EY1-Z-D W-IH1-DH DH-AE1-T S-ER0-P-R-AY1-Z HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
Which , waking far from home , we're wont to feel . W-IH1-CH W-EY1-K-IH0-NG F-AA1-R F-R-AH1-M HH-OW1-M W-IY1-R W-OW1-N-T T-UW1 F-IY1-L HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Anon , they heard their father bid them rise , AH0-N DH-EY1 HH-ER1-D DH-EH1-R F-AA1-DH-ER0 B-IH1-D DH-EH1-M R-AY1-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And , quick , make ready for their morning meal . AH0-N-D K-W-IH1-K M-EY1-K R-EH1-D-IY0 F-AO1-R DH-EH1-R M-AO1-R-N-IH0-NG M-IY1-L HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
That o'er , they sprang their journey to pursue ; DH-AE1-T AO-R DH-EY1 S-P-R-AE1-NG DH-EH1-R JH-ER1-N-IY0 T-UW1 P-ER0-S-UW1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
First casting round their rooms a parting look : F-ER1-S-T K-AE1-S-T-IH0-NG R-AW1-N-D DH-EH1-R R-UW1-M-Z AH0 P-AA1-R-T-IH0-NG L-UH1-K HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
For this last glance , if travellers tell what's true , F-AO1-R DH-IH1-S L-AE1-S-T G-L-AE1-N-S IH1-F T-R-AE1-V-AH0-L-ER0-Z T-EH1-L W-AH1-T-S T-R-UW1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
Saves many a straggling kerchief , cap , or book . S-EY1-V-Z M-EH1-N-IY0 AH0 S-T-R-AE1-G-L-IH0-NG K-ER1-CH-AH0-F K-AE1-P AO1-R B-UH1-K HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
Now are the party on their way again , N-AW1 AA1-R DH-AH0 P-AA1-R-T-IY0 AA1-N DH-EH1-R W-EY1 AH0-G-EH1-N HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
Well stow'd , our Henry 'mid his sons and daughters , W-EH1-L S-T-OW1-D AW1-ER0 HH-EH1-N-R-IY0 M-IH1-D HH-IH1-Z S-AH1-N-Z AH0-N-D D-AO1-T-ER0-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And swiftly gliding in the railroad train AH0-N-D S-W-IH1-F-T-L-IY0 G-L-AY1-D-IH0-NG IH0-N DH-AH0 R-EY1-L-R-OW2-D T-R-EY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
To Saratoga's fam'd health-giving waters . T-UW1 S-EH2-R-AH0-T-OW1-G-AH0-Z F-EY1-M-D HH-EH2-L-TH-G-IH1-V-IH0-NG W-AO1-T-ER0-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Of all the joys that from our senses flow , AH1-V AO1-L DH-AH0 JH-OY1-Z DH-AE1-T F-R-AH1-M AW1-ER0 S-EH1-N-S-IH0-Z F-L-OW1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
None are , perhaps , more exquisitely keen N-AH1-N AA1-R P-ER0-HH-AE1-P-S M-AO1-R EH2-K-S-K-W-IH1-Z-IH0-T-L-IY0 K-IY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Than those emotions which light spirits know DH-AE1-N DH-OW1-Z IH0-M-OW1-SH-AH0-N-Z W-IH1-CH L-AY1-T S-P-IH1-R-IH0-T-S N-OW1 HF-MF Mfav Hfav 3 2 1 /LinW 0.286 0.143 /AllW 0.051 0.038
When entering first upon a rural scene . W-EH1-N EH1-N-T-ER0-IH0-NG F-ER1-S-T AH0-P-AA1-N AH0 R-UH1-R-AH0-L S-IY1-N HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
The azure heav'n that calls our thoughts on high ; DH-AH0 AE1-ZH-ER0 HH-EH1-V-AH0-N DH-AE1-T K-AO1-L-Z AW1-ER0 TH-AO1-T-S AA1-N HH-AY1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The glorious light of summer shed around ; DH-AH0 G-L-AO1-R-IY0-AH0-S L-AY1-T AH1-V S-AH1-M-ER0 SH-EH1-D ER0-AW1-N-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The hills and vales that in the prospect lie ; DH-AH0 HH-IH1-L-Z AH0-N-D V-EY1-L-Z DH-AE1-T IH0-N DH-AH0 P-R-AA1-S-P-EH0-K-T L-AY1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
The cloud-form'd shadows flying o'er the ground ; DH-AH0 K-L-AW1-D-F-AO1-R-M-D SH-AE1-D-OW2-Z F-L-AY1-IH0-NG AO-R DH-AH0 G-R-AW1-N-D HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
The cool untainted zephyr gently blowing ; DH-AH0 K-UW1-L AH0-N-T-EY1-N-T-IH0-D Z-EH1-F-ER0 JH-EH1-N-T-L-IY0 B-L-OW1-IH0-NG HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.038
The shrubs and grass refresh'd by ev'ning showers ; DH-AH0 SH-R-AH1-B-Z AH0-N-D G-R-AE1-S R-IY0-F-R-EH1-SH-T B-AY1 IY1-V-N-IH0-NG SH-AW1-ER0-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The sparkling streams along the valleys flowing ; DH-AH0 S-P-AA1-R-K-L-IH0-NG S-T-R-IY1-M-Z AH0-L-AO1-NG DH-AH0 V-AE1-L-IY0-Z F-L-OW1-IH0-NG HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
The trees wide spread , or cluster'd into bowers ; DH-AH0 T-R-IY1-Z W-AY1-D S-P-R-EH1-D AO1-R K-L-AH1-S-T-ER0-D IH0-N-T-UW1 B-AW1-ER0-Z HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
While rapid motion , as the carriage flies , W-AY1-L R-AE1-P-AH0-D M-OW1-SH-AH0-N AE1-Z DH-AH0 K-AE1-R-IH0-JH F-L-AY1-Z HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
Stirs up new life and spirit in the soul , S-T-ER1-Z AH1-P N-UW1 L-AY1-F AH0-N-D S-P-IH1-R-AH0-T IH0-N DH-AH0 S-OW1-L HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
Just as the mantling foam and bubbles rise JH-AH1-S-T AE1-Z DH-AH0 M-AE1-N-T-AH0-L-IH0-NG F-OW1-M AH0-N-D B-AH1-B-AH0-L-Z R-AY1-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
In generous wine that's dash'd into the bowl ; --- IH0-N JH-EH1-N-ER0-AH0-S W-AY1-N DH-AE1-T-S D-AE1-SH-T IH0-N-T-UW1 DH-AH0 B-OW1-L HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
These , and unnumber'd other pure delights DH-IY1-Z AH0-N-D AH0-N-N-AH1-M-B-ER0-D AH1-DH-ER0 P-Y-UH1-R D-IH0-L-AY1-T-S HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
With which the varied charms of Nature shine , W-IH1-DH W-IH1-CH DH-AH0 V-EH1-R-IY0-D CH-AA1-R-M-Z AH1-V N-EY1-CH-ER0 SH-AY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Give to the heart an impulse that excites G-IH1-V T-UW1 DH-AH0 HH-AA1-R-T AE1-N IH1-M-P-AH0-L-S DH-AE1-T IH0-K-S-AY1-T-S HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
A joy that seems to have a touch divine . AH0 JH-OY1 DH-AE1-T S-IY1-M-Z T-UW1 HH-AE1-V AH0 T-AH1-CH D-IH0-V-AY1-N HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.051
But pleasure , soon or late , is dash'd with pain ; B-AH1-T P-L-EH1-ZH-ER0 S-UW1-N AO1-R L-EY1-T IH1-Z D-AE1-SH-T W-IH1-DH P-EY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
For mists will hide the landscape from the eye ; F-AO1-R M-IH1-S-T-S W-IH1-L HH-AY1-D DH-AH0 L-AE1-N-D-S-K-EY2-P F-R-AH1-M DH-AH0 AY1 HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.111 0.111 /AllW 0.038 0.051
The clearest skies will gather clouds and rain ; DH-AH0 K-L-IH1-R-IH0-S-T S-K-AY1-Z W-IH1-L G-AE1-DH-ER0 K-L-AW1-D-Z AH0-N-D R-EY1-N HF-MF Mfav Hfav 3 2 1 /LinW 0.250 0.125 /AllW 0.051 0.038
Cool winds will heated grow , and dust will fly . K-UW1-L W-IH1-N-D-Z W-IH1-L HH-IY1-T-AH0-D G-R-OW1 AH0-N-D D-AH1-S-T W-IH1-L F-L-AY1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
Some of those pleasures , and these troubles too , S-AH1-M AH1-V DH-OW1-Z P-L-EH1-ZH-ER0-Z AH0-N-D DH-IY1-Z T-R-AH1-B-AH0-L-Z T-UW1 HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.250 /AllW 0.051
While on their way , our younger party felt . W-AY1-L AA1-N DH-EH1-R W-EY1 AW1-ER0 Y-AH1-NG-G-ER0 P-AA1-R-T-IY0 F-EH1-L-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The day wax'd warm ; they all impatient grew ; DH-AH0 D-EY1 W-AE1-K-S-T W-AO1-R-M DH-EY1 AO1-L IH0-M-P-EY1-SH-AH0-N-T G-R-UW1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
No more on rural scenes their fancies dwelt ; N-OW1 M-AO1-R AA1-N R-UH1-R-AH0-L S-IY1-N-Z DH-EH1-R F-AE1-N-S-IY0-Z D-W-EH1-L-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
They long'd from crowded durance to get free , DH-EY1 L-AO1-NG-D F-R-AH1-M K-R-AW1-D-AH0-D D-UH1-R-AH0-N-S T-UW1 G-EH1-T F-R-IY1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
And stretch at ease their cramp'd up limbs , once more ; AH0-N-D S-T-R-EH1-CH AE1-T IY1-Z DH-EH1-R K-R-AE1-M-P-T AH1-P L-IH1-M-Z W-AH1-N-S M-AO1-R HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.051
And though , at first , nought could exceed their glee , AH0-N-D DH-OW1 AE1-T F-ER1-S-T N-AO1-T K-UH1-D IH0-K-S-IY1-D DH-EH1-R G-L-IY1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
At length , they fairly wish'd their journey o'er . AE1-T L-EH1-NG-K-TH DH-EY1 F-EH1-R-L-IY0 W-IH1-SH-T DH-EH1-R JH-ER1-N-IY0 AO-R HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
On , on , the engine , puffing , panting , went ; AA1-N AA1-N DH-AH0 EH1-N-JH-AH0-N P-AH1-F-IH0-NG P-AE1-N-T-IH0-NG W-EH1-N-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Impatient , as it seem'd , the goal to reach ; IH0-M-P-EY1-SH-AH0-N-T AE1-Z IH1-T S-IY1-M-D DH-AH0 G-OW1-L T-UW1 R-IY1-CH HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
And , ever and anon , afar it sent AH0-N-D EH1-V-ER0 AH0-N-D AH0-N AH0-F-AA1-R IH1-T S-EH1-N-T HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.143 0.143 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Its warning voice , with fearful goblin screech . IH1-T-S W-AO1-R-N-IH0-NG V-OY1-S W-IH1-DH F-IH1-R-F-AH0-L G-AA1-B-L-IH0-N S-K-R-IY1-CH HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.286 /AllW 0.051
Away , as from a monster's jaws outspread , AH0-W-EY1 AE1-Z F-R-AH1-M AH0 M-AA1-N-S-T-ER0-Z JH-AO1-Z AW2-T-S-P-R-EH1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Th' astonish'd beasts o'er hill and valley bound : DH-AH0 AH0-S-T-AA1-N-IH0-SH-T B-IY1-S-T-S AO-R HH-IH1-L AH0-N-D V-AE1-L-IY0 B-AW1-N-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
With eyes wild gleaming , from unwonted dread , W-IH1-DH AY1-Z W-AY1-L-D G-L-IY1-M-IH0-NG F-R-AH1-M UW1-N-W-OW1-N-T-D D-R-EH1-D HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.051
And , head and ears erect , they gaze around . AH0-N-D HH-EH1-D AH0-N-D IH1-R-Z IH0-R-EH1-K-T DH-EY1 G-EY1-Z ER0-AW1-N-D HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
At length , their father bid his children cheer ; AE1-T L-EH1-NG-K-TH DH-EH1-R F-AA1-DH-ER0 B-IH1-D HH-IH1-Z CH-IH1-L-D-R-AH0-N CH-IH1-R HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
For , at the rate they then were hurl'd along , F-AO1-R AE1-T DH-AH0 R-EY1-T DH-EY1 DH-EH1-N W-ER0 HH-ER1-L-D AH0-L-AO1-NG HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.051
Their durance soon should end , as they were near DH-EH1-R D-UH1-R-AH0-N-S S-UW1-N SH-UH1-D EH1-N-D AE1-Z DH-EY1 W-ER0 N-IH1-R HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
To Saratoga's idly busy throng . T-UW1 S-EH2-R-AH0-T-OW1-G-AH0-Z AY1-D-L-IY0 B-IH1-Z-IY0 TH-R-AO1-NG HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Soon as arriv'd , like vultures on their prey , S-UW1-N AE1-Z ER0-AY1-V-D L-AY1-K V-AH1-L-CH-ER0-Z AA1-N DH-EH1-R P-R-EY1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The keen attendants on the baggage fell ; DH-AH0 K-IY1-N AH0-T-EH1-N-D-AH0-N-T-S AA1-N DH-AH0 B-AE1-G-AH0-JH F-EH1-L HF-MF Hfav 3 3 /LinW 0.429 /AllW 0.038
And trunks and bags were quickly caught away , AH0-N-D T-R-AH1-NG-K-S AH0-N-D B-AE1-G-Z W-ER0 K-W-IH1-K-L-IY0 K-AA1-T AH0-W-EY1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
And in the destin'd dwelling thrown pell-mell . AH0-N-D IH0-N DH-AH0 D-EH1-S-T-AH0-N-D D-W-EH1-L-IH0-NG TH-R-OW1-N P-EH1-L-M-EH1-L HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Then names were register'd , and rooms were shown , DH-EH1-N N-EY1-M-Z W-ER0 R-EH1-JH-IH0-S-T-ER0-D AH0-N-D R-UW1-M-Z W-ER0 SH-OW1-N HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.250 /AllW 0.051
And , for the dinner dress , arrangements made : AH0-N-D F-AO1-R DH-AH0 D-IH1-N-ER0 D-R-EH1-S ER0-EY1-N-JH-M-AH0-N-T-S M-EY1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And , ere another rapid hour had flown , AH0-N-D EH1-R AH0-N-AH1-DH-ER0 R-AE1-P-AH0-D AW1-ER0 HH-AE1-D F-L-OW1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
By joyous hearts the summons was obey'd . B-AY1 JH-OY1-AH0-S HH-AA1-R-T-S DH-AH0 S-AH1-M-AH0-N-Z W-AA1-Z OW0-B-EY1-D HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.143 0.143 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Life pass'd without some purpose kept in view L-AY1-F P-AE1-S-T W-IH0-TH-AW1-T S-AH1-M P-ER1-P-AH0-S K-EH1-P-T IH0-N V-Y-UW1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
Were worse than death . The lonely pris'ner craves W-ER0 W-ER1-S DH-AE1-N D-EH1-TH DH-AH0 L-OW1-N-L-IY0 P-R-IH1-Z-N-ER0 K-R-EY1-V-Z HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
Some painful task or labor to pursue ; S-AH1-M P-EY1-N-F-AH0-L T-AE1-S-K AO1-R L-EY1-B-ER0 T-UW1 P-ER0-S-UW1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And , for relief , the fiercest danger braves . AH0-N-D F-AO1-R R-IH0-L-IY1-F DH-AH0 F-IH1-R-S-AH0-S-T D-EY1-N-JH-ER0 B-R-EY1-V-Z HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
How then could sons of pleasure chase away HH-AW1 DH-EH1-N K-UH1-D S-AH1-N-Z AH1-V P-L-EH1-ZH-ER0 CH-EY1-S AH0-W-EY1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
From these gay scenes the horrors of ennui , F-R-AH1-M DH-IY1-Z G-EY1 S-IY1-N-Z DH-AH0 HH-AO1-R-ER0-Z AH1-V EH0-N-UW1-IY0 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
But for the three great epochs of the day , B-AH1-T F-AO1-R DH-AH0 TH-R-IY1 G-R-EY1-T EH1-P-AH0-K-S AH1-V DH-AH0 D-EY1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
The happy hours of Breakfast --- Dinner --- Tea ? DH-AH0 HH-AE1-P-IY0 AW1-ER0-Z AH1-V B-R-EH1-K-F-AH0-S-T D-IH1-N-ER0 T-IY1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
All then inhale fresh spirits and new life ; AO1-L DH-EH1-N IH0-N-HH-EY1-L F-R-EH1-SH S-P-IH1-R-IH0-T-S AH0-N-D N-UW1 L-AY1-F HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
E'en churls look pleasant ; wealth forgets its pride ; IY-N CH-ER1-L-Z L-UH1-K P-L-EH1-Z-AH0-N-T W-EH1-L-TH F-ER0-G-EH1-T-S IH1-T-S P-R-AY1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The fiercest disputants forego their strife ; DH-AH0 F-IH1-R-S-AH0-S-T D-IH0-S-P-Y-UW1-T-AH0-N-T-S F-AO0-R-G-OW1 DH-EH1-R S-T-R-AY1-F HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.038
Segars and Politics are thrown aside . S-EH1-G-ER0-Z AH0-N-D P-AA1-L-AH0-T-IH2-K-S AA1-R TH-R-OW1-N AH0-S-AY1-D HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.167 0.167 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Yet , when we have no higher end and aim Y-EH1-T W-EH1-N W-IY1 HH-AE1-V N-OW1 HH-AY1-ER0 EH1-N-D AH0-N-D EY1-M HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Than pleasure , for the moment , as it flies , DH-AE1-N P-L-EH1-ZH-ER0 F-AO1-R DH-AH0 M-OW1-M-AH0-N-T AE1-Z IH1-T F-L-AY1-Z HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
It soon gives way to feelings cold and tame , IH1-T S-UW1-N G-IH1-V-Z W-EY1 T-UW1 F-IY1-L-IH0-NG-Z K-OW1-L-D AH0-N-D T-EY1-M HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.051
And , while we grasp it , languishes and dies . AH0-N-D W-AY1-L W-IY1 G-R-AE1-S-P IH1-T L-AE1-NG-G-W-IH0-SH-IH0-Z AH0-N-D D-AY1-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
One who pursues the same unvarying round W-AH1-N HH-UW1 P-ER0-S-UW1-Z DH-AH0 S-EY1-M UW1-N-V-EH1-R-IY0-IH0-NG R-AW1-N-D HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
Of dinners , concerts , billiards , drives and dances , AH1-V D-IH1-N-ER0-Z K-AA1-N-S-ER0-T-S B-IH1-L-Y-ER0-D-Z D-R-AY1-V-Z AH0-N-D D-AE1-N-S-AH0-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Is like a squirrel cag'd , who , though he bound , IH1-Z L-AY1-K AH0 S-K-W-ER1-AH0-L K-EY1-JH-D HH-UW1 DH-OW1 HH-IY1 B-AW1-N-D HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
And whirl about his wheel , yet ne'er advances . AH0-N-D W-ER1-L AH0-B-AW1-T HH-IH1-Z W-IY1-L Y-EH1-T N-EH-R AH0-D-V-AE1-N-S-AH0-Z HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
In all his children's pastimes Henry shar'd ; IH0-N AO1-L HH-IH1-Z CH-IH1-L-D-R-AH0-N-Z P-AE1-S-T-AY2-M-Z HH-EH1-N-R-IY0 SH-EH1-R-D HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.051
For , to repress young spirits , he thought wrong ; F-AO1-R T-UW1 R-IY0-P-R-EH1-S Y-AH1-NG S-P-IH1-R-IH0-T-S HH-IY1 TH-AO1-T R-AO1-NG HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
But , little , in his very heart , he car'd B-AH1-T L-IH1-T-AH0-L IH0-N HH-IH1-Z V-EH1-R-IY0 HH-AA1-R-T HH-IY1 K-EH1-R-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
For what engag'd the pleasure-hunting throng . F-AO1-R W-AH1-T EH0-N-G-EY1-JH-D DH-AH0 P-L-EH1-ZH-ER0-HH-AH1-N-T-IH0-NG TH-R-AO1-NG HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.038
And o'er the young folk too the thought would steal , AH0-N-D AO-R DH-AH0 Y-AH1-NG F-OW1-K T-UW1 DH-AH0 TH-AO1-T W-UH1-D S-T-IY1-L HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
That e'en to waltz at night , at noon to roam , DH-AE1-T IY-N T-UW1 W-AO1-L-T-S AE1-T N-AY1-T AE1-T N-UW1-N T-UW1 R-OW1-M HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
To drink the waters , taste the hurried meal , T-UW1 D-R-IH1-NG-K DH-AH0 W-AO1-T-ER0-Z T-EY1-S-T DH-AH0 HH-ER1-IY0-D M-IY1-L HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.250 /AllW 0.051
Were not the the pure delights of their dear home . W-ER0 N-AA1-T DH-AH0 DH-AH0 P-Y-UH1-R D-IH0-L-AY1-T-S AH1-V DH-EH1-R D-IH1-R HH-OW1-M HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.100 0.100 /AllW 0.038 0.051
The sounds of strife or wassail , in the night , DH-AH0 S-AW1-N-D-Z AH1-V S-T-R-AY1-F AO1-R W-AO1-S-EY1-L IH0-N DH-AH0 N-AY1-T HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.038
Or of departing guests , at dawn of day , AO1-R AH1-V D-IH0-P-AA1-R-T-IH0-NG G-EH1-S-T-S AE1-T D-AO1-N AH1-V D-EY1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
Would fill the boys with wrath , the girls with fright ; W-UH1-D F-IH1-L DH-AH0 B-OY1-Z W-IH1-DH R-AE1-TH DH-AH0 G-ER1-L-Z W-IH1-DH F-R-AY1-T HF-MF Mfav Hfav 3 2 1 /LinW 0.200 0.100 /AllW 0.051 0.038
And ofttimes chase their rest and sleep away . AH0-N-D AO1-F-T-T-AY1-M-Z CH-EY1-S DH-EH1-R R-EH1-S-T AH0-N-D S-L-IY1-P AH0-W-EY1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
At meals , some noisy pack their peace would mar ; AE1-T M-IY1-L-Z S-AH1-M N-OY1-Z-IY0 P-AE1-K DH-EH1-R P-IY1-S W-UH1-D M-AA1-R HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
Who deem'd it to gentility a stain , HH-UW1 D-IY1-M-D IH1-T T-UW1 JH-EH0-N-T-IH1-L-IH0-T-IY0 AH0 S-T-EY1-N HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
Though half-seas-o'er with brandy at the bar , DH-OW1 HH-AE1-F-S-IY1-Z-AO1-R W-IH1-DH B-R-AE1-N-D-IY0 AE1-T DH-AH0 B-AA1-R HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.143 0.143 /AllW 0.038 0.051
To call for other bev'rage than champaign . T-UW1 K-AO1-L F-AO1-R AH1-DH-ER0 B-EH1-V-R-IH0-JH DH-AE1-N CH-AE0-M-P-EY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
But swift , away , away , the hours they flew ; B-AH1-T S-W-IH1-F-T AH0-W-EY1 AH0-W-EY1 DH-AH0 AW1-ER0-Z DH-EY1 F-L-UW1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
Those winged hours that go so strangely fast DH-OW1-Z W-IH1-NG-D AW1-ER0-Z DH-AE1-T G-OW1 S-OW1 S-T-R-EY1-N-JH-L-IY0 F-AE1-S-T HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
When unaccustom'd objects meet the view ; W-EH1-N AH2-N-AH0-K-AH1-S-T-AH0-M-D AA1-B-JH-EH0-K-T-S M-IY1-T DH-AH0 V-Y-UW1 HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.167 0.167 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Yet seem of such unwonted length , when past . Y-EH1-T S-IY1-M AH1-V S-AH1-CH UW1-N-W-OW1-N-T-D L-EH1-NG-K-TH W-EH1-N P-AE1-S-T HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
When favoring skies and sunbeams cheer'd the day , W-EH1-N F-EY1-V-ER0-IH0-NG S-K-AY1-Z AH0-N-D S-AH1-N-B-IY2-M-Z CH-IH1-R-D DH-AH0 D-EY1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
The mansion's inmates scatter'd far and wide , DH-AH0 M-AE1-N-CH-AH0-N-Z IH1-N-M-EY2-T-S S-K-AE1-T-ER0-D F-AA1-R AH0-N-D W-AY1-D HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.143 0.143 /AllW 0.038 0.051
The lakes to view , or in the fields to stray , DH-AH0 L-EY1-K-S T-UW1 V-Y-UW1 AO1-R IH0-N DH-AH0 F-IY1-L-D-Z T-UW1 S-T-R-EY1 HF-MF Hfav Mfav 3 2 1 /LinW 0.200 0.100 /AllW 0.038 0.051
To hunt , to fish , to visit , drive , or ride . T-UW1 HH-AH1-N-T T-UW1 F-IH1-SH T-UW1 V-IH1-Z-AH0-T D-R-AY1-V AO1-R R-AY1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Our party made the usual tour of jaunts . AW1-ER0 P-AA1-R-T-IY0 M-EY1-D DH-AH0 Y-UW1-ZH-AH0-W-AH0-L T-UH1-R AH1-V JH-AO1-N-T-S HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
They climb'd the hills , to view the vales below . DH-EY1 K-L-AY1-M-D DH-AH0 HH-IH1-L-Z T-UW1 V-Y-UW1 DH-AH0 V-EY1-L-Z B-IH0-L-OW1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
They sought for rude uncultivated haunts ; DH-EY1 S-AO1-T F-AO1-R R-UW1-D AH2-N-K-AH1-L-T-AH0-V-EY2-T-IH0-D HH-AO1-N-T-S HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.051
Or stray'd among the woods where wild flowers grow . AO1-R S-T-R-EY1-D AH0-M-AH1-NG DH-AH0 W-UH1-D-Z W-EH1-R W-AY1-L-D F-L-AW1-ER0-Z G-R-OW1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
The wonted casualties that travellers meet DH-AH0 W-OW1-N-T-IH0-D K-AE1-ZH-AH0-W-AH0-L-T-IY0-Z DH-AE1-T T-R-AE1-V-AH0-L-ER0-Z M-IY1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Would cause perplexity , or fears excite ; W-UH1-D K-AA1-Z P-ER0-P-L-EH1-K-S-AH0-T-IY0 AO1-R F-IH1-R-Z IH0-K-S-AY1-T HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.038
A drunken driver tottering in his seat ; AH0 D-R-AH1-NG-K-AH0-N D-R-AY1-V-ER0 T-AA1-T-ER0-IH0-NG IH0-N HH-IH1-Z S-IY1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
A sudden break-down , or way lost at night . AH0 S-AH1-D-AH0-N B-R-EY1-K-D-AW1-N AO1-R W-EY1 L-AO1-S-T AE1-T N-AY1-T HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
But when they came back safe and well at last , B-AH1-T W-EH1-N DH-EY1 K-EY1-M B-AE1-K S-EY1-F AH0-N-D W-EH1-L AE1-T L-AE1-S-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And , after toil , enjoy'd refreshing rest , AH0-N-D AE1-F-T-ER0 T-OY1-L EH0-N-JH-OY1-D R-IH0-F-R-EH1-SH-IH0-NG R-EH1-S-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
They felt that all the troubles they had past DH-EY1 F-EH1-L-T DH-AE1-T AO1-L DH-AH0 T-R-AH1-B-AH0-L-Z DH-EY1 HH-AE1-D P-AE1-S-T HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.051
Gave to their pleasures still a keener zest . G-EY1-V T-UW1 DH-EH1-R P-L-EH1-ZH-ER0-Z S-T-IH1-L AH0 K-IY1-N-ER0 Z-EH1-S-T HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
'Twere wearisome of all the scenes to tell T-W-ER0 W-IH1-R-IY0-S-AH0-M AH1-V AO1-L DH-AH0 S-IY1-N-Z T-UW1 T-EH1-L HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
That caus'd enraptur'd feelings to awake . DH-AE1-T K-AA1-Z-D EH0-N-R-AE1-P-CH-ER0-D F-IY1-L-IH0-NG-Z T-UW1 AH0-W-EY1-K HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.051
But we may venture , for a while , to dwell B-AH1-T W-IY1 M-EY1 V-EH1-N-CH-ER0 F-AO1-R AH0 W-AY1-L T-UW1 D-W-EH1-L HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Upon the beauties of that lovely lake AH0-P-AA1-N DH-AH0 B-Y-UW1-T-IY0-Z AH1-V DH-AE1-T L-AH1-V-L-IY0 L-EY1-K HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
Whose pure wave drinks so deep heav'n's holy light , HH-UW1-Z P-Y-UH1-R W-EY1-V D-R-IH1-NG-K-S S-OW1 D-IY1-P HH-EH1-V-AH0-N-Z HH-OW1-L-IY0 L-AY1-T HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
It seems a sacred character to claim ; IH1-T S-IY1-M-Z AH0 S-EY1-K-R-AH0-D K-EH1-R-IH0-K-T-ER0 T-UW1 K-L-EY1-M HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.143 0.143 /AllW 0.038 0.051
And from religion's sacramental rite , AH0-N-D F-R-AH1-M R-IH0-L-IH1-JH-AH0-N-Z S-AE1-K-R-AH0-M-AH0-N-T-AH0-L R-AY1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
In days now long gone by , deriv'd its name . IH0-N D-EY1-Z N-AW1 L-AO1-NG G-AO1-N B-AY1 D-ER0-AY1-V-D IH1-T-S N-EY1-M HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
It seems call'd forth by magic to the eye , IH1-T S-IY1-M-Z K-AO1-L-D F-AO1-R-TH B-AY1 M-AE1-JH-IH0-K T-UW1 DH-AH0 AY1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
With countless verdant islets scatter'd o'er ; W-IH1-DH K-AW1-N-T-L-AH0-S V-ER1-D-AH0-N-T AY1-L-IH0-T-S S-K-AE1-T-ER0-D AO-R HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.051
Its hills contrasting with the azure sky , IH1-T-S HH-IH1-L-Z K-AH0-N-T-R-AE1-S-T-IH0-NG W-IH1-DH DH-AH0 AE1-ZH-ER0 S-K-AY1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And rising all romantic from the shore . AH0-N-D R-AY1-Z-IH0-NG AO1-L R-OW0-M-AE1-N-T-IH0-K F-R-AH1-M DH-AH0 SH-AO1-R HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
While speechless pleasure in their faces beam'd , W-AY1-L S-P-IY1-CH-L-AH0-S P-L-EH1-ZH-ER0 IH0-N DH-EH1-R F-EY1-S-AH0-Z B-IY1-M-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Kate and her sisters , from the winged boat , K-EY1-T AH0-N-D HH-ER0 S-IH1-S-T-ER0-Z F-R-AH1-M DH-AH0 W-IH1-NG-D B-OW1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Would in the crystal dip their hands , that seem'd W-UH1-D IH0-N DH-AH0 K-R-IH1-S-T-AH0-L D-IH1-P DH-EH1-R HH-AE1-N-D-Z DH-AE1-T S-IY1-M-D HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.111 0.111 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Like water-lilies on the wave to float . L-AY1-K W-AO1-T-ER0-L-IH1-L-IY0-Z AA1-N DH-AH0 W-EY1-V T-UW1 F-L-OW1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
When pelting rain or tempest threat'ning round W-EH1-N P-EH1-L-T-IH0-NG R-EY1-N AO1-R T-EH1-M-P-AH0-S-T TH-R-EH1-T-N-IH0-NG R-AW1-N-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Enforc'd th' unwilling guests at home to stay , EH0-N-F-AO1-R-S-T DH-AH0 AH0-N-W-IH1-L-IH0-NG G-EH1-S-T-S AE1-T HH-OW1-M T-UW1 S-T-EY1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
They sought whate'er expedients could be found DH-EY1 S-AO1-T W-AH1-T-EH1-R IH0-K-S-P-IY1-D-IY0-AH0-N-T-Z K-UH1-D B-IY1 F-AW1-N-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
To cheat the time and haste the weary day . T-UW1 CH-IY1-T DH-AH0 T-AY1-M AH0-N-D HH-EY1-S-T DH-AH0 W-IH1-R-IY0 D-EY1 HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.051
Recourse was had to writing or to books ; R-IY1-K-AO0-R-S W-AA1-Z HH-AE1-D T-UW1 R-AY1-T-IH0-NG AO1-R T-UW1 B-UH1-K-S HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
To walking , lounging , singing , whistling , humming ; T-UW1 W-AO1-K-IH0-NG L-AW1-N-JH-IH0-NG S-IH1-NG-IH0-NG W-IH1-S-L-IH0-NG HH-AH1-M-IH0-NG HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
To billiards and backgammon , rings and hooks ; T-UW1 B-IH1-L-Y-ER0-D-Z AH0-N-D B-AE1-K-G-AE2-M-AH0-N R-IH1-NG-Z AH0-N-D HH-UH1-K-S HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
On hoarse pianos to incessant thrumming . AA1-N HH-AO1-R-S P-IY0-AE1-N-OW0-Z T-UW1 IH0-N-S-EH1-S-AH0-N-T TH-AH1-M-IH0-NG HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.051
On such a day as this , a lively lass AA1-N S-AH1-CH AH0 D-EY1 AE1-Z DH-IH1-S AH0 L-AY1-V-L-IY0 L-AE1-S HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
Was playing songs and waltzes , and odd ends W-AA1-Z P-L-EY1-IH0-NG S-AO1-NG-Z AH0-N-D W-AO1-L-T-S-AH0-Z AH0-N-D AA1-D EH1-N-D-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Of fav'rite melodies , the time to pass , AH1-V F-EY1-V-R-IH0-T M-EH1-L-AH0-D-IY0-Z DH-AH0 T-AY1-M T-UW1 P-AE1-S HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Surrounded by a knot of sportive friends . S-ER0-AW1-N-D-AH0-D B-AY1 AH0 N-AA1-T AH1-V S-P-AO1-R-T-IH0-V F-R-EH1-N-D-Z HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
While playful mischief lurk'd in ev'ry eye , W-AY1-L P-L-EY1-F-AH0-L M-IH1-S-CH-AH0-F L-ER1-K-T IH0-N EH-V-R-IY AY1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
With many a laugh or titter half supprest , W-IH1-DH M-EH1-N-IY0 AH0 L-AE1-F AO1-R T-IH1-T-ER0 HH-AE1-F S-AH0-P-R-EH1-S-T HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
They slyly watch'd the figures passing by , DH-EY1 S-L-AY1-L-IY0 W-AO1-CH-T DH-AH0 F-IH1-G-Y-ER0-Z P-AE1-S-IH0-NG B-AY1 HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.143 0.143 /AllW 0.038 0.051
And look'd and whisper'd many a merry jest . AH0-N-D L-UH2-K-T AH0-N-D W-IH1-S-P-ER0-D M-EH1-N-IY0 AH0 M-EH1-R-IY0 JH-EH1-S-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
A stranger , of a quiet modest air , AH0 S-T-R-EY1-N-JH-ER0 AH1-V AH0 K-W-AY1-AH0-T M-AA1-D-AH0-S-T EH1-R HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.286 /AllW 0.038
Walked slowly round , or at a distance sat . W-AO1-K-T S-L-OW1-L-IY0 R-AW1-N-D AO1-R AE1-T AH0 D-IH1-S-T-AH0-N-S S-AE1-T HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.250 /AllW 0.051
For him , no more did our gay party care F-AO1-R HH-IH1-M N-OW1 M-AO1-R D-IH1-D AW1-ER0 G-EY1 P-AA1-R-T-IY0 K-EH1-R HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Than for a purring , chimney-corner cat . DH-AE1-N F-AO1-R AH0 P-ER1-IH0-NG CH-IH-M-N-IY-K-AO-R-N-ER K-AE1-T HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.167 /AllW 0.038
Amid the medley , suddenly his ear AH0-M-IH1-D DH-AH0 M-EH1-D-L-IY0 S-AH1-D-AH0-N-L-IY0 HH-IH1-Z IY1-R HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Perceiv'd , the notes of an uncommon strain . P-ER0-S-IY1-V-D DH-AH0 N-OW1-T-S AH1-V AE1-N AH0-N-K-AA1-M-AH0-N S-T-R-EY1-N HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.286 /AllW 0.038
He rose , and quietly approaching near , HH-IY1 R-OW1-Z AH0-N-D K-W-AY1-AH0-T-L-IY0 AH0-P-R-OW1-CH-IH0-NG N-IH1-R HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Petition'd gently for the air again . P-AH0-T-IH1-SH-AH0-N-D JH-EH1-N-T-L-IY0 F-AO1-R DH-AH0 EH1-R AH0-G-EH1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The player , courteously the strain renew'd , DH-AH0 P-L-EY1-ER0 K-ER1-T-IY0-AH0-S-L-IY0 DH-AH0 S-T-R-EY1-N R-IY0-N-UW1-D HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.333 /AllW 0.038
Which she , from foreign voice , had learn'd by rote . W-IH1-CH SH-IY1 F-R-AH1-M F-AO1-R-AH0-N V-OY1-S HH-AE1-D L-ER1-N-IH0-D B-AY1 R-OW1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
He , as she play'd it o'er , the theme pursued , HH-IY1 AE1-Z SH-IY1 P-L-EY1-D IH1-T AO-R DH-AH0 TH-IY1-M P-ER0-S-UW1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And prick'd it in his tablets , note for note ; AH0-N-D P-R-IH1-K-T IH1-T IH0-N HH-IH1-Z T-AE1-B-L-AH0-T-S N-OW1-T F-AO1-R N-OW1-T HF-MF Mfav 3 3 /LinW 0.333 /AllW 0.051
Then , at the instrument he took his seat , DH-EH1-N AE1-T DH-AH0 IH1-N-S-T-R-AH0-M-AH0-N-T HH-IY1 T-UH1-K HH-IH1-Z S-IY1-T HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.250 /AllW 0.051
And play'd the melody with graceful turn , AH0-N-D P-L-EY1-D DH-AH0 M-EH1-L-AH0-D-IY0 W-IH1-DH G-R-EY1-S-F-AH0-L T-ER1-N HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.051
And taste so pure , and harmony so sweet , AH0-N-D T-EY1-S-T S-OW1 P-Y-UH1-R AH0-N-D HH-AA1-R-M-AH0-N-IY0 S-OW1 S-W-IY1-T HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
As made th' astonish'd nymphs with blushes burn . AE1-Z M-EY1-D DH-AH0 AH0-S-T-AA1-N-IH0-SH-T N-IH1-M-F-S W-IH1-DH B-L-AH1-SH-AH0-Z B-ER1-N HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
Charm'd by the pow'r of music's touching art , CH-AA1-R-M-D B-AY1 DH-AH0 P-AW-ER AH1-V M-Y-UW1-Z-IH0-K-S T-AH1-CH-IH0-NG AA1-R-T HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
With looks how chang'd the stranger now they view ! W-IH1-DH L-UH1-K-S HH-AW1 CH-EY1-N-JH-D DH-AH0 S-T-R-EY1-N-JH-ER0 N-AW1 DH-EY1 V-Y-UW1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
And him it well behoov'd to guard his heart , AH0-N-D HH-IH1-M IH1-T W-EH1-L B-IH0-HH-UW1-V-D T-UW1 G-AA1-R-D HH-IH1-Z HH-AA1-R-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Lest mischief-loving eyes should pierce it through . L-EH1-S-T M-IH-S-CH-AH-F-L-AH-V-IH-NG AY1-Z SH-UH1-D P-IH1-R-S IH1-T TH-R-UW1 HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.051
They're of a compound strange , these fair young creatures ; DH-EH1-R AH1-V AH0 K-AA1-M-P-AW0-N-D S-T-R-EY1-N-JH DH-IY1-Z F-EH1-R Y-AH1-NG K-R-IY1-CH-ER0-Z HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
Though made up , as 'twould seem , of fun and mirth , DH-OW1 M-EY1-D AH1-P AE1-Z T-W-UH1-D S-IY1-M AH1-V F-AH1-N AH0-N-D M-ER1-TH HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.100 0.100 /AllW 0.038 0.051
And apes of fickle fashion's wildest features , AH0-N-D EY1-P-S AH1-V F-IH1-K-AH0-L F-AE1-SH-AH0-N-Z W-AY1-L-D-IH0-S-T F-IY1-CH-ER0-Z HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.286 /AllW 0.051
They can excel , when tried , in moral strength and worth . DH-EY1 K-AE1-N IH0-K-S-EH1-L W-EH1-N T-R-AY1-D IH0-N M-AO1-R-AH0-L S-T-R-EH1-NG-K-TH AH0-N-D W-ER1-TH HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
They're like the plaything children call a Witch ; DH-EH1-R L-AY1-K DH-AH0 P-L-EY1-TH-IH2-NG CH-IH1-L-D-R-AH0-N K-AO1-L AH0 W-IH1-CH HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
Made of a weight attach'd to somewhat light . M-EY1-D AH1-V AH0 W-EY1-T AH0-T-AE1-CH-T T-UW1 S-AH1-M-W-AH1-T L-AY1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Howe'er you twist or twirl it , toss or twitch , HH-AW1-EH1-R Y-UW1 T-W-IH1-S-T AO1-R T-W-ER1-L IH1-T T-AO1-S AO1-R T-W-IH1-CH HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
It has a saving power that brings it right . IH1-T HH-AE1-Z AH0 S-EY1-V-IH0-NG P-AW1-ER0 DH-AE1-T B-R-IH1-NG-Z IH1-T R-AY1-T HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.038

HF-MF Pair Totals for this Poem Hfav Mfav 65 91 0.33% 0.46%