86 lines, 782 words, 2681 phonemes, 178078 milliseconds

On a warm sunny day , in the midst of July , AA1-N AH0 W-AO1-R-M S-AH1-N-IY0 D-EY1 IH0-N DH-AH0 M-IH1-D-S-T AH1-V JH-UW2-L-AY1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.038
A lazy young pig lay stretched out in his sty , AH0 L-EY1-Z-IY0 Y-AH1-NG P-IH1-G L-EY1 S-T-R-EH1-CH-T AW1-T IH0-N HH-IH1-Z S-T-AY1 HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.038
Like some of his betters , most solemnly thinking L-AY1-K S-AH1-M AH1-V HH-IH1-Z B-EH1-T-ER0-Z M-OW1-S-T S-AO1-L-AH0-M-L-IY0 TH-IH1-NG-K-IH0-NG HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
That the best things on earth are good eating and drinking . DH-AE1-T DH-AH0 B-EH1-S-T TH-IH1-NG-Z AA1-N ER1-TH AA1-R G-UH1-D IY1-T-IH0-NG AH0-N-D D-R-IH1-NG-K-IH0-NG HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.091 0.091 /AllW 0.038 0.051
At length , to get rid of the gnats and the flies , AE1-T L-EH1-NG-K-TH T-UW1 G-EH1-T R-IH1-D AH1-V DH-AH0 N-AE1-T-S AH0-N-D DH-AH0 F-L-AY1-Z HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.182 /AllW 0.038
He resolv'd , from his sweet meditations to rise ; HH-IY1 R-IH0-Z-AA1-L-V-D F-R-AH1-M HH-IH1-Z S-W-IY1-T M-EH2-D-IH0-T-EY1-SH-AH0-N-Z T-UW1 R-AY1-Z HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
And , to keep his skin pleasant , and pliant , and cool , AH0-N-D T-UW1 K-IY1-P HH-IH1-Z S-K-IH1-N P-L-EH1-Z-AH0-N-T AH0-N-D P-L-AY1-AH0-N-T AH0-N-D K-UW1-L HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.051
He plung'd him , forthwith , in the next muddy pool . HH-IY1 P-L-AH1-N-JH-D HH-IH1-M F-AO1-R-TH-W-IH1-TH IH0-N DH-AH0 N-EH1-K-S-T M-AH1-D-IY0 P-UW1-L HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
When , at last , he thought fit to arouse from his bath , W-EH1-N AE1-T L-AE1-S-T HH-IY1 TH-AO1-T F-IH1-T T-UW1 ER0-AW1-Z F-R-AH1-M HH-IH1-Z B-AE1-TH HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.091 /AllW 0.051
A conceited young rooster came just in his path : AH0 K-AH0-N-S-IY1-T-AH0-D Y-AH1-NG R-UW1-S-T-ER0 K-EY1-M JH-AH1-S-T IH0-N HH-IH1-Z P-AE1-TH HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
A precious smart prig , full in vanity drest , AH0 P-R-EH1-SH-AH0-S S-M-AA1-R-T P-R-IH1-G F-UH1-L IH0-N V-AE1-N-AH0-T-IY0 D-R-EH1-S-T HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Who thought , of all creatures , himself far the best . HH-UW1 TH-AO1-T AH1-V AO1-L K-R-IY1-CH-ER0-Z HH-IH0-M-S-EH1-L-F F-AA1-R DH-AH0 B-EH1-S-T HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
'Hey day ! little grunter , why where in the world HH-EY1 D-EY1 L-IH1-T-AH0-L G-R-AH-N-T-ER W-AY1 W-EH1-R IH0-N DH-AH0 W-ER1-L-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Are you going so perfum'd , pomatum'd , and curl'd ? AA1-R Y-UW1 G-OW1-IH0-NG S-OW1 P-ER0-F-Y-UW1-M-D P-AO-M-EY-T-AH-M-D AH0-N-D K-ER1-L-D HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
Such delicate odors my senses assail , S-AH1-CH D-EH1-L-AH0-K-AH0-T OW1-D-ER0-Z M-AY1 S-EH1-N-S-IH0-Z AH0-S-EY1-L HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And I see such a sly looking twist in your tail , AH0-N-D AY1 S-IY1 S-AH1-CH AH0 S-L-AY1 L-UH1-K-IH0-NG T-W-IH1-S-T IH0-N Y-AO1-R T-EY1-L HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.091 /AllW 0.038
That you , sure are intent on some elegant sporting ; DH-AE1-T Y-UW1 SH-UH1-R AA1-R IH0-N-T-EH1-N-T AA1-N S-AH1-M EH1-L-AH0-G-AH0-N-T S-P-AO1-R-T-IH0-NG HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
Hurra ! I believe , on my life , you are courting ; HH-UH0-R-AA1 AY1 B-IH0-L-IY1-V AA1-N M-AY1 L-AY1-F Y-UW1 AA1-R K-AO1-R-T-IH0-NG HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And that figure which moves with such exquisite grace , AH0-N-D DH-AE1-T F-IH1-G-Y-ER0 W-IH1-CH M-UW1-V-Z W-IH1-DH S-AH1-CH EH1-K-S-K-W-AH0-Z-AH0-T G-R-EY1-S HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.051
Combin'd with the charms of that soft-smiling face , K-AH0-M-B-AY1-N-D W-IH1-DH DH-AH0 CH-AA1-R-M-Z AH1-V DH-AE1-T S-AA1-F-T-S-M-AY1-L-IH0-NG F-EY1-S HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
In one who's so neat and adorn'd with such art , IH0-N W-AH1-N HH-UW1-Z S-OW1 N-IY1-T AH0-N-D AH0-D-AO1-R-N-D W-IH1-DH S-AH1-CH AA1-R-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Cannot fail to secure the most obdurate heart . K-AE1-N-AA0-T F-EY1-L T-UW1 S-IH0-K-Y-UH1-R DH-AH0 M-OW1-S-T AA1-B-D-ER0-AH0-T HH-AA1-R-T HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
And much joy do I wish you , both you and your wife , AH0-N-D M-AH1-CH JH-OY1 D-UW1 AY1 W-IH1-SH Y-UW1 B-OW1-TH Y-UW1 AH0-N-D Y-AO1-R W-AY1-F HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
For the prospect you have of a nice pleasant life . ' F-AO1-R DH-AH0 P-R-AA1-S-P-EH0-K-T Y-UW1 HH-AE1-V AH1-V AH0 N-AY1-S P-L-EH1-Z-AH0-N-T L-AY1-F HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.200 /AllW 0.038
'Well , said , master Dunghill , ' cried Pig in a rage , W-EH0-L S-EH1-D M-AE1-S-T-ER0 D-AH1-NG-HH-IH2-L K-R-AY1-D P-IH1-G IH0-N AH0 R-EY1-JH HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.111 0.111 /AllW 0.038 0.051
'You're doubtless , the prettiest beau of the age , Y-AO1-R D-AW1-T-L-AH0-S DH-AH0 P-R-IH1-T-IY0-AH0-S-T B-OW1 AH1-V DH-AH0 EY1-JH HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
With those sweet modest eyes staring out of your head , W-IH1-DH DH-OW1-Z S-W-IY1-T M-AA1-D-AH0-S-T AY1-Z S-T-EH1-R-IH0-NG AW1-T AH1-V Y-AO1-R HH-EH1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And those lumps of raw flesh , all so bloody and red . AH0-N-D DH-OW1-Z L-AH1-M-P-S AH1-V R-AA1 F-L-EH1-SH AO1-L S-OW1 B-L-AH1-D-IY0 AH0-N-D R-EH1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Mighty graceful you look with those beautiful legs , M-AY1-T-IY0 G-R-EY1-S-F-AH0-L Y-UW1 L-UH1-K W-IH1-DH DH-OW1-Z B-Y-UW1-T-AH0-F-AH0-L L-EH1-G-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Like a squash or a pumpkin on two wooden pegs . L-AY1-K AH0 S-K-W-AA1-SH AO1-R AH0 P-AH1-M-P-K-IH0-N AA1-N T-UW1 W-UH1-D-AH0-N P-EH1-G-Z HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.200 /AllW 0.038
And you've special good reason your own life to vaunt , AH0-N-D Y-UW1-V S-P-EH1-SH-AH0-L G-UH1-D R-IY1-Z-AH0-N Y-AO1-R OW1-N L-AY1-F T-UW1 V-AO1-N-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And the pleasures of others with insult to taunt ; AH0-N-D DH-AH0 P-L-EH1-ZH-ER0-Z AH1-V AH1-DH-ER0-Z W-IH1-DH IH0-N-S-AH1-L-T T-UW1 T-AO1-N-T HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.111 0.111 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Among crackling fools , always clucking or crowing , AH0-M-AH1-NG K-R-AE1-K-L-IH0-NG F-UW1-L-Z AO1-L-W-EY2-Z K-L-AH1-K-IH0-NG AO1-R K-R-OW1-IH0-NG HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
And looking up this way and that way , so knowing , AH0-N-D L-UH1-K-IH0-NG AH1-P DH-IH1-S W-EY1 AH0-N-D DH-AE1-T W-EY1 S-OW1 N-OW1-IH0-NG HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.051
And strutting and swelling , or stretching a wing , AH0-N-D S-T-R-AH1-T-IH0-NG AH0-N-D S-W-EH1-L-IH0-NG AO1-R S-T-R-EH1-CH-IH0-NG AH0 W-IH1-NG HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
To make you admired by each silly thing ; T-UW1 M-EY1-K Y-UW1 AH0-D-M-AY1-ER0-D B-AY1 IY1-CH S-IH1-L-IY0 TH-IH1-NG HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
and so full of your own precious self , all the time , AH0-N-D S-OW1 F-UH1-L AH1-V Y-AO1-R OW1-N P-R-EH1-SH-AH0-S S-EH1-L-F AO1-L DH-AH0 T-AY1-M HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.091 /AllW 0.051
That you think common courtesy almost a crime ; DH-AE1-T Y-UW1 TH-IH1-NG-K K-AA1-M-AH0-N K-ER1-T-AH0-S-IY0 AO1-L-M-OW2-S-T AH0 K-R-AY1-M HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.038
As if all the world was on the look out AE1-Z IH1-F AO1-L DH-AH0 W-ER1-L-D W-AA1-Z AA1-N DH-AH0 L-UH1-K AW1-T HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.200 /AllW 0.038
To see a young rooster go scratching about . ' T-UW1 S-IY1 AH0 Y-AH1-NG R-UW1-S-T-ER0 G-OW1 S-K-R-AE1-CH-IH0-NG AH0-B-AW1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Hereupon , a debate , like a whirlwind arose , HH-IY1-R-AH0-P-AA1-N AH0 D-AH0-B-EY1-T L-AY1-K AH0 W-ER1-L-W-IH2-N-D ER0-OW1-Z HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.038
Which seem'd fast approaching to bitings and blows ; W-IH1-CH S-IY1-M-D F-AE1-S-T AH0-P-R-OW1-CH-IH0-NG T-UW1 B-AY1-T-IH0-NG-Z AH0-N-D B-L-OW1-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
'Mid squeaking and grunting , Pig's arguments flowing ; M-IH1-D S-K-W-IY1-K-IH0-NG AH0-N-D G-R-AH1-N-T-IH0-NG P-IH1-G-Z AA1-R-G-Y-AH0-M-AH0-N-T-S F-L-OW1-IH0-NG HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And Chick venting fury 'twixt screaming and crowing . AH0-N-D CH-IH1-K V-EH1-N-T-IH0-NG F-Y-UH1-R-IY0 T-W-IH1-K-S-T S-K-R-IY1-M-IH0-NG AH0-N-D K-R-OW1-IH0-NG HF-MF Mfav 2 2 /LinW 0.250 /AllW 0.051
At length , to decide the affair , 'twas agreed AE1-T L-EH1-NG-K-TH T-UW1 D-IH2-S-AY1-D DH-AH0 AH0-F-EH1-R T-W-AH1-Z AH0-G-R-IY1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
That to counsellor Owl they should straightway proceed ; DH-AE1-T T-UW1 K-AW1-N-S-AH0-L-ER0 AW1-L DH-EY1 SH-UH1-D S-T-R-EY1-T-W-EY1 P-R-AH0-S-IY1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
While each , in his conscience , no motive could show , W-AY1-L IY1-CH IH0-N HH-IH1-Z K-AA1-N-SH-AH0-N-S N-OW1 M-OW1-T-IH0-V K-UH1-D SH-OW1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
But the laudable wish to exult o'er his foe . B-AH1-T DH-AH0 L-AO1-D-AH0-B-AH0-L W-IH1-SH T-UW1 IH0-G-Z-AH1-L-T AO-R HH-IH1-Z F-OW1 HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.111 0.111 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Other birds , of all feather , their vigils were keeping , AH1-DH-ER0 B-ER1-D-Z AH1-V AO1-L F-EH1-DH-ER0 DH-EH1-R V-IH1-JH-AH0-L-Z W-ER0 K-IY1-P-IH0-NG HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.051
While Owl , in his nook , was most learnedly sleeping : W-AY1-L AW1-L IH0-N HH-IH1-Z N-UH1-K W-AA1-Z M-OW1-S-T L-ER1-N-IH0-D-L-IY0 S-L-IY1-P-IH0-NG HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
For , like a true sage , he preferred the dark night , F-AO1-R L-AY1-K AH0 T-R-UW1 S-EY1-JH HH-IY1 P-R-AH0-F-ER1-D DH-AH0 D-AA1-R-K N-AY1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
When engaged in his work , to the sun's blessed light . W-EH1-N EH0-N-G-EY1-JH-D IH0-N HH-IH1-Z W-ER1-K T-UW1 DH-AH0 S-AH1-N-Z B-L-EH1-S-T L-AY1-T HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.100 0.100 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Each stated his plea , and the owl was required IY1-CH S-T-EY1-T-AH0-D HH-IH1-Z P-L-IY1 AH0-N-D DH-AH0 AW1-L W-AA1-Z R-IY0-K-W-AY1-ER0-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
To say whose condition should most be desired . T-UW1 S-EY1 HH-UW1-Z K-AH0-N-D-IH1-SH-AH0-N SH-UH1-D M-OW1-S-T B-IY1 D-IH0-Z-AY1-ER0-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
It seem'd to the judge a strange cause to be put on , IH1-T S-IY1-M-D T-UW1 DH-AH0 JH-AH1-JH AH0 S-T-R-EY1-N-JH K-AA1-Z T-UW1 B-IY1 P-UH1-T AA1-N HF-MF Mfav Hfav 3 2 1 /LinW 0.167 0.083 /AllW 0.051 0.038
To tell which was better , a fop or a glutton ; T-UW1 T-EH1-L W-IH1-CH W-AA1-Z B-EH1-T-ER0 AH0 F-AO1-P AO1-R AH0 G-L-AH1-T-AH0-N HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.038
Yet , like a good lawyer , he kept a calm face , Y-EH1-T L-AY1-K AH0 G-UH1-D L-AO1-Y-ER0 HH-IY1 K-EH1-P-T AH0 K-AA1-M F-EY1-S HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.038
And proceeded , by rule , to examine the case ; AH0-N-D P-R-AH0-S-IY1-D-AH0-D B-AY1 R-UW1-L T-UW1 IH0-G-Z-AE1-M-IH0-N DH-AH0 K-EY1-S HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
With both his round eyes gave a deep-meaning wink , W-IH1-DH B-OW1-TH HH-IH1-Z R-AW1-N-D AY1-Z G-EY1-V AH0 D-IY1-P-M-IY1-N-IH0-NG W-IH1-NG-K HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And , extending one talon , he set him to think . AH0-N-D IH0-K-S-T-EH1-N-D-IH0-NG W-AH1-N T-AE1-L-AH0-N HH-IY1 S-EH1-T HH-IH1-M T-UW1 TH-IH1-NG-K HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
In fine , with a face much inclin'd for a joke , IH0-N F-AY1-N W-IH1-DH AH0 F-EY1-S M-AH1-CH IH0-N-K-L-AY1-N-D F-AO1-R AH0 JH-OW1-K HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.038
And a mock solemn accent , the counsellor spoke AH0-N-D AH0 M-AA1-K S-AA1-L-AH0-M AH0-K-S-EH1-N-T DH-AH0 K-AW1-N-S-AH0-L-ER0 S-P-OW1-K HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.125 0.125 /AllW 0.038 0.051
'Twixt Rooster and Roaster , this cause to decide , T-W-IH1-K-S-T R-UW1-S-T-ER0 AH0-N-D R-OW1-S-T-ER0 DH-IH1-S K-AA1-Z T-UW1 D-IH2-S-AY1-D HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.125 /AllW 0.051
Would afford me , my friends , much professional pride . W-UH1-D AH0-F-AO1-R-D M-IY1 M-AY1 F-R-EH1-N-D-Z M-AH1-CH P-R-AH0-F-EH1-SH-AH0-N-AH0-L P-R-AY1-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Were each on the table serv'd up , and well dress'd , W-ER0 IY1-CH AA1-N DH-AH0 T-EY1-B-AH0-L S-ER-V-D AH1-P AH0-N-D W-EH1-L D-R-EH1-S-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
I could easily tell which I fancied the best ; AY1 K-UH1-D IY1-Z-AH0-L-IY0 T-EH1-L W-IH1-CH AY1 F-AE1-N-S-IY0-D DH-AH0 B-EH1-S-T HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.111 0.111 /AllW 0.038 0.051
But while both here before me , so lively I see , B-AH1-T W-AY1-L B-OW1-TH HH-IY1-R B-IH0-F-AO1-R M-IY1 S-OW1 L-AY1-V-L-IY0 AY1 S-IY1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
This cause is , in truth , too important for me ; DH-IH1-S K-AA1-Z IH1-Z IH0-N T-R-UW1-TH T-UW1 IH0-M-P-AO1-R-T-AH0-N-T F-AO1-R M-IY1 HF-MF Hfav Mfav 3 2 1 /LinW 0.222 0.111 /AllW 0.038 0.051
Without trouble , however , among human kind , W-IH0-TH-AW1-T T-R-AH1-B-AH0-L HH-AW2-EH1-V-ER0 AH0-M-AH1-NG HH-Y-UW1-M-AH0-N K-AY1-N-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Many dealers in questions like this you may find . M-EH1-N-IY0 D-IY1-L-ER0-Z IH0-N K-W-EH1-S-CH-AH0-N-Z L-AY1-K DH-IH1-S Y-UW1 M-EY1 F-AY1-N-D HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.038
Yet , one sober truth , ere we part , I would teach Y-EH1-T W-AH1-N S-OW1-B-ER0 T-R-UW1-TH EH1-R W-IY1 P-AA1-R-T AY1 W-UH1-D T-IY1-CH HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
That the life you each lead is best fitted for each . DH-AE1-T DH-AH0 L-AY1-F Y-UW1 IY1-CH L-EH1-D IH1-Z B-EH1-S-T F-IH1-T-AH0-D F-AO1-R IY1-CH HF-MF Mfav Hfav 3 2 1 /LinW 0.182 0.091 /AllW 0.051 0.038
'Tis the joy of a cockerel to strut and look big , T-IH1-Z DH-AH0 JH-OY1 AH1-V AH0 K-AA1-K-ER0-IH2-L T-UW1 S-T-R-AH1-T AH0-N-D L-UH1-K B-IH1-G HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.091 /AllW 0.038
And , to wallow in mire , is the bliss of a pig . AH0-N-D T-UW1 W-AA1-L-OW0 IH0-N M-AY1-R IH1-Z DH-AH0 B-L-IH1-S AH1-V AH0 P-IH1-G HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.182 /AllW 0.038
But , whose life is more pleasant , when viewed in itself , B-AH1-T HH-UW1-Z L-AY1-F IH1-Z M-AO1-R P-L-EH1-Z-AH0-N-T W-EH1-N V-Y-UW1-D IH0-N IH0-T-S-EH1-L-F HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Is a question had better be laid on the shelf , IH1-Z AH0 K-W-EH1-S-CH-AH0-N HH-AE1-D B-EH1-T-ER0 B-IY1 L-EY1-D AA1-N DH-AH0 SH-EH1-L-F HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.038
Like many which puzzle deep reasoners' brains , L-AY1-K M-EH1-N-IY0 W-IH1-CH P-AH1-Z-AH0-L D-IY1-P R-IY1-Z-AH0-N-ER0-Z B-R-EY1-N-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And reward them with nothing but words for their pains . AH0-N-D R-IH0-W-AO1-R-D DH-EH1-M W-IH1-DH N-AH1-TH-IH0-NG B-AH1-T W-ER1-D-Z F-AO1-R DH-EH1-R P-EY1-N-Z HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
So now , my good clients , I have been long awake , S-OW1 N-AW1 M-AY1 G-UH1-D K-L-AY1-AH0-N-T-S AY1 HH-AE1-V B-IH1-N L-AO1-NG AH0-W-EY1-K HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And I pray you , in peace , your departure to take . AH0-N-D AY1 P-R-EY1 Y-UW1 IH0-N P-IY1-S Y-AO1-R D-IH0-P-AA1-R-CH-ER0 T-UW1 T-EY1-K HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
let each one enjoy , with content , his own pleasure , L-EH1-T IY1-CH W-AH1-N EH0-N-JH-OY1 W-IH1-DH K-AA1-N-T-EH0-N-T HH-IH1-Z OW1-N P-L-EH1-ZH-ER0 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Nor attempt , by himself , other people to measure . ' N-AO1-R AH0-T-EH1-M-P-T B-AY1 HH-IH0-M-S-EH1-L-F AH1-DH-ER0 P-IY1-P-AH0-L T-UW1 M-EH1-ZH-ER0 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Thus ended the strife , as does many a fight ; DH-AH1-S EH1-N-D-AH0-D DH-AH0 S-T-R-AY1-F AE1-Z D-AH1-Z M-EH1-N-IY0 AH0 F-AY1-T HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.038
Each thought his foe wrong , and his own notions right . IY1-CH TH-AO1-T HH-IH1-Z F-OW1 R-AO1-NG AH0-N-D HH-IH1-Z OW1-N N-OW1-SH-AH0-N-Z R-AY1-T HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Pig turn'd , with a grunt , to his mire anew , P-IH1-G T-ER1-N-D W-IH1-DH AH0 G-R-AH1-N-T T-UW1 HH-IH1-Z M-AY1-R AH0-N-UW1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And He-biddy , laughing , cried -- cock-a-doodle-doo . AH0-N-D HH-IY1-B-IH1-D-IY0 L-AE1-F-IH0-NG K-R-AY1-D K-AH0-K-AH0-D-UW1-D-AH0-L-D-UW1 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW

HF-MF Pair Totals for this Poem Hfav Mfav 41 30 0.21% 0.15%