Henry, Rebus (sisters)
20 lines, 170 words, 632 phonemes, 41174 milliseconds

MSS p9, Unpublished

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Take the name of nine sisters that romp on Parnassus , T-EY1-K DH-AH0 N-EY1-M AH1-V N-AY1-N S-IH1-S-T-ER0-Z DH-AE1-T R-AA1-M-P AA1-N P-AA2-R-N-AE1-S-AH0-S HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.100 /AllW 0.066
With the downy chin'd god belov'd by the lasses : W-IH1-DH DH-AH0 D-AW1-N-IY0 CH-IH1-N-D G-AA1-D B-IH0-L-AH1-V-D B-AY1 DH-AH0 L-AE1-S-AH0-Z HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.066
The flower that ever creates new delight , DH-AH0 F-L-AW1-ER0 DH-AE1-T EH1-V-ER0 K-R-IY0-EY1-T-S N-UW1 D-IH0-L-AY1-T HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.066
And the Bard who so sweetly descants on the night . AH0-N-D DH-AH0 B-AA1-R-D HH-UW1 S-OW1 S-W-IY1-T-L-IY0 D-EH1-S-K-AE1-N-T-Z AA1-N DH-AH0 N-AY1-T HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.200 /AllW 0.066
The Nymph who deep buried in Woodstock's drear gloom DH-AH0 N-IH1-M-F HH-UW1 D-IY1-P B-EH1-R-IY0-D IH0-N W-UH1-D-S-T-AA2-K-Z D-R-IH1-R G-L-UW1-M HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.066
Met with flambeaux her lover at the blaze of high noon M-EH1-T W-IH1-DH F-L-AE0-M-B-OY2-Z HH-ER0 L-AH1-V-ER0 AE1-T DH-AH0 B-L-EY1-Z AH1-V HH-AY1 N-UW1-N HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.091 0.091 /AllW 0.066 0.032
The muse who first on Aracadia's plain , DH-AH0 M-Y-UW1-Z HH-UW1 F-ER1-S-T AA1-N AA-R-K-EY-D-IY-Z P-L-EY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
Mellifl'ously warbles the heart-thrilling strain . M-EH1-L-IH1-F-L-AH0-S-L-IY0 W-AO1-R-B-AH0-L-Z DH-AH0 HH-AA1-R-T-TH-R-IH1-L-IH0-NG S-T-R-EY1-N HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The town o'er whose walls peer'd the horrible sphynx ; DH-AH0 T-AW1-N AO-R HH-UW1-Z W-AO1-L-Z P-IH1-R-D DH-AH0 HH-AO1-R-AH0-B-AH0-L S-F-IH1-NG-K-S HF-MF Mfav 1 1 /LinW 0.111 /AllW 0.032
And the bane of old Illium , a beautiful minx . AH0-N-D DH-AH0 B-EY1-N AH1-V OW1-L-D IH1-L-IY0-AH0-M AH0 B-Y-UW1-T-AH0-F-AH0-L M-IH1-NG-K-S HF-MF Hfav 3 3 /LinW 0.333 /AllW 0.066
The city where Dian the huntress presided , DH-AH0 S-IH1-T-IY0 W-EH1-R D-AY1-AH0-N DH-AH0 HH-AH1-N-T-R-IH0-S P-R-IH0-Z-AY1-D-IH0-D HF-MF Hfav 1 1 /LinW 0.143 /AllW 0.066
And the rascally palfrey Don Quixote bestrided : AH0-N-D DH-AH0 R-AE1-S-K-AH0-L-IY0 P-AE1-L-F-R-IY0 D-AA1-N K-IY0-HH-OW1-T-IY0 B-IY1-S-T-R-AY1-D-IH0-D HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
What the soul most employs in her ev'ning vagaries , W-AH1-T DH-AH0 S-OW1-L M-OW1-S-T EH0-M-P-L-OY1-Z IH0-N HH-ER0 IY1-V-N-IH0-NG V-EY1-G-ER0-IY0-Z HF-MF Hfav Mfav 3 2 1 /LinW 0.222 0.111 /AllW 0.066 0.032
With that Monarch renowned , the king of the fairies : W-IH1-DH DH-AE1-T M-AA1-N-AA2-R-K R-IH0-N-AW1-N-D DH-AH0 K-IH1-NG AH1-V DH-AH0 F-EH1-R-IY0-Z HF-MF Hfav 2 2 /LinW 0.222 /AllW 0.066
What the Hero expects at the close of his toil ; W-AH1-T DH-AH0 HH-IH1-R-OW0 IH0-K-S-P-EH1-K-T-S AE1-T DH-AH0 K-L-OW1-S AH1-V HH-IH1-Z T-OY1-L HF-MF Mfav Hfav 4 3 1 /LinW 0.300 0.100 /AllW 0.032 0.066
And -- YOU can confer whenever you smile . AH0-N-D Y-UW1 K-AE1-N K-AH0-N-F-ER1 W-EH0-N-EH1-V-ER0 Y-UW1 S-M-AY1-L HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
The initials of these will present you the name DH-AH0 IH0-N-IH1-SH-AH0-L-Z AH1-V DH-IY1-Z W-IH1-L P-R-EH1-Z-AH0-N-T Y-UW1 DH-AH0 N-EY1-M HF-MF Hfav Mfav 2 1 1 /LinW 0.111 0.111 /AllW 0.066 0.032
Of a lass far the sweetest that trips o'er the plains , AH1-V AH0 L-AE1-S F-AA1-R DH-AH0 S-W-IY1-T-AH0-S-T DH-AE1-T T-R-IH1-P-S AO-R DH-AH0 P-L-EY1-N-Z HF-MF Hfav Mfav 4 3 1 /LinW 0.273 0.091 /AllW 0.066 0.032
Graces hover around -- Love can't live without her G-R-EY1-S-IH0-Z HH-AH1-V-ER0 ER0-AW1-N-D L-AH1-V K-AE1-N-T L-AY1-V W-IH0-TH-AW1-T HH-ER0 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW
And Venus's doves EVER flutter about her . AH0-N-D V-IY1-N-AH0-S-IH0-Z D-AH1-V-Z EH1-V-ER0 F-L-AH1-T-ER0 AH0-B-AW1-T HH-ER0 HF-MF 0 /LinW /AllW

HF-MF Pair Totals for this Poem Hfav Mfav 20 8 0.19% 0.08%